Month: December 2012

Italian Multitude

Home you in the soil /You fallen there /Have blood in the head, dripping, orso sorto? /Not, only gold tooth in the mouth dribbling – Grayish Velhinha, hair, in fact sensible, nothing more than material to desire: – They rescue, people! It rescues, is dying! – Taxista waiting some more than the day: – I only take and quick aid if to pay. Who has grana? Nobody? You the rejection. Bye, faces. – The policy: General agitation, the deceased is being naked, clean and deformed, it only lacks pliers to pull out the finger of the alliance; the multitude runs, pisoteia the deceased. – Living they talk of the doors: – How it is, compadre, you pulled out some, a small memento of the deceased? /- And, not yet dirty – Children leave to the pyjamas window, afoitas in seeing the scene macabra and antisocorrista: – You seeing the brother, everybody is using to advantage, if mother left there went to cut to a piece of that pants and the shirt of it pra to make roupinha of the doll * ————- Dario dying is defuntando Ambulana was to be called: – You pray, the face already is almost deceased, later somebody flame * was disappearing: – umbrella and cachimbo.

– the Italian shoes and the pearl pin in the necktie. – the clock of pulse. – what it had in the pockets – empty pockets. – the gold coat and alliance. 2) round personage: velhinha of almost white hair, the mustache youngster, the multitude in escape. plain personage: the remains, indifferent, mentally ill of the Good, opportunist egoism 3) physical space: city dweller, perhaps a periphery where eyes of urubus follow possible victims ambientao: Frank (constructed for narrative descriptivist, heterodiegtico, that does not participate of the action and sees everything. atmosphere: For ones, the amazement and sadness of the current condition human being; for other joy, glad adventure and moment opportune to gain some, something saleable or usvel, in terms almost donated of who more does not need.