Month: January 2017

Pauline Agureyeva

And then – I respect the feelings of believers. But, unfortunately, in our country just trampled the rights of unbelievers. Perhaps check out San Antonio Spurs for more information. Starting from the tv and ending the prohibition of any gay pride parade. I do not have any relation to gays, and yet it's all me wince. When I say the word 'God', I'm not a hypocrite, not flirts, because I know: there is a problem – God. It is for all, regardless of whether you're an atheist or not. What could be more important than this issue? It is the cause of many ills, but also many joys. Q: But in your writings clearly sounds God-fighting pathos.

It is impossible to be both an atheist and godless. I mean that if you fight with him, then admits that he is. A: Well, for me it's still kind of exemption from certain religious hypocrisy. Too we just have accrue to such statements as' I am a believer. " I think such things need to accrue a huge price. Otherwise it is an empty phrase. But I still believe in a new Renaissance.

I do not know whether we will live up to its beginning. But logically – the world nowhere else to go. " "At a major role in his debut movie, Ivan Vyrypaev invited my wife – stage actress Pauline Agureyeva. In this film, in general, it seems a lot of personal – for example, filmed this cruel drama among the breathtaking landscapes of the steppe, on the banks of the Don, in the places where I came from very Pauline.

International Competition

San Martin de los Andes. Patagonia Argentina. . First heard the noise to a spring night bah! It is a way of saying, in fact it was a frosty night. It was felt that this season had come by the songs of some birds bold and shoots of plants, an almost miraculous that the plants somehow showed the strength of his kingdom. Until very recently had endured heavy snow and frost now, but they were there, triumphant, showing their offspring. The old Ariel lives on the margins of the city, SUA cottage is located in an area higher than the center, just where training comienzaa forest.

Due to the intense cold that evening came home early in the heat of the wood stove drinking mate and read novels of adventure, your dog next to Don Quixote, but his passion was painting, he spent months to finish a painting, landscapes were always watching him in his walks and retained in his memory. The radio was another partner, listening to all kinds of music. Every so often stood, stretched his body, imitating the dog, the two, thin and tall approached the window. Don Ariel watched the sky with the burning desire to discover some extraordinary event in the cosmos. During the day walking with his cane and his dog in the middle and around the city.

Don Giovanni Von Mozart

The 2012 start event of the Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona is on June 22. Perhaps check out real-estate developer for more information. The first opera is Mozart’s Don Giovanni. For over 100 years, one of the most important and attractive Opera events in Italy, is the arena of Verona Opera from June 22 back. Great expectations for the 90th event of the Festival and the performance of Don Giovanni by Mozart, the Opera that was chosen for the opening of the Festival. Considered to be one of the most important works of the Austrian composer, Don Giovanni in Verona will arrive with the directed by Franco Zeffirelli, and Daniel Oren will be entrusted with the direction of the Orchestra.

After the premiere, Opera will be listed the Mozart’s still five times in June and July, but until September the arena of the frame for other operas will be received in the history of Opera and in the hearts of music possessed. Aida by Verdi, which is insoluble and historically connected with the Verona Arena is inevitable. AIDA was the first opera in the first event of the Opera Festival, which almost 100 years are born, was performed. And the Festival was created in 1913 to celebrate the anniversary of his birth to Giuseppe Verdi. In addition, Aida is the Opera House, which is listed in any event since 2005.

This year, Gianfranco de Bosio will be entrusted with the direction of the famous opera, and also in this case the conductor Daniel Oren will be. The program includes 16 performances of AIDA, from June 23 to September 2nd. Still a very well-known composer, the protagonist of which event of the Festival will be 2012, is Giacomo Puccini, from which two operas in Verona will be listed: Tosca and Turandot. 5 repeat performances from August 18 to September 1 will take place first, which will be conducted by Marco Armiliato with directed by Hugo de Ana, and Turandot will be six times from August 4 to 30. The Director of the Opera will be again Franco Zeffirelli and Andrea Battistoni will focus with the line. Also the dates with Carmen von Bizet are numerous on the arena stage, throughout the summer from June 30 until August 31 will be listed. An opportunity that you can not miss if to discover one of the most famous and most performed operas or rediscover an opera that is successful, that found no good shot but at the beginning because of a theme that was regarded as immoral. Julian Kovatchev will lead the Orchestra and will be entrusted with the Director Franco Zeffirelli. The program of the Festival includes also Romeo et Juliette by Charles Gounod: the famous Opera House is listed in the city, where play the story is, and is therefore one of the favorite destinations for romance travel. By Fabio Mastrangelo led and directed by Francesco Micheli, Romeo et Juliette will be staged with four in July. Francesca Tessarollo


Achieving a good level of productivity is difficult, even more so if you devote little time to your online project. Many of us we ask ourselves repeatedly how to do to produce more in less time. There are many ways to improve your productivity, but typically few tools to do so. A few days ago, I devoted myself to look for ways to improve my performance. And thank goodness I did. I’ll give 5 tools, which will help you to improve your productivity.

I assure you that they work. Wridea: the organiza-ideas allows you to organize your ideas, share them online and provides you with tools to develop them. It has 40 thousand users in your community. Easy to use. It is highly recommended to advance with your ideas.

It is not the same having them in the head, which see well written and organized. You will help you with the development of your project. Listhings: always Simple plank. Simple. Free. The famous plank of Cork, on your computer. You can put how many notes you want. Gina Bonati helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It is not necessary to save them, will detect the Ip and you will have them again when you return to the web. It’s that simple. Write room: not you You distracted if you are a blogger, you dedicate yourself to write or simply want to improve the quality of your articles, this tool will help you. Write room is a text editor which you isolated from everything that normally surrounds our texts on the screen. You’ll only see your text. Perhaps you think no, but it helps a lot to the concentration. Once you try it, it will be yours. Slimtimer: know your timing and your costs can organize your timings, calculate the cost of your projects, and even share a list of tasks with your team. For that you can also use Google Docs, but I think that this is more complete. It is free, you only have to sign up and start using it. Ah! I forgot. You can also output reports. More can ask? Quiet Read: you have time with Quiet Read, you can store the website that interest you to read them when you have time. So, if you’re working and you see an interesting article, you can avoid distracting yourself and save it for later. At first sight it seems that not you It will help a lot, but I guarantee that you will notice it. Furthermore it is very tempting to take advantage of your free time with readings that interest you. Highly recommended. Just has a problem: is only for Macs. Well, so far my contribution today. It would be very nice if you know any tool, you share it so that it can help us in our daily work. Totally welcome your contributions. Best regards!