How To Spend Your Leisure Time

Reflecting on life, start thinking about what we have leisure time, we have the right to relax, have a right (albeit briefly) IS NOT the full sense of the word … Great said: "the essence of man is manifested in the fact that he does when he has nothing to do. " So what is our essence? Music Cafe, on the subjective opinion of the author, were and remain classics of the genre. It is the custom, whose adherents are very well aware the price "magic moments of being. " From the good traditions will not be provided to anyone, and it is – essentially – is fine. But apart from that we have? Restaurants, bars, restaurants, the main idea of which – the so-called gourmet relaxation.

Namely, creating a comfortable atmosphere with the help of alcohol, food, exotic environment. Established that the "spice of life" is determined by the desire to know NEW – the language of marketing, increased consumer interest. The theater, for many centuries, is an addiction only art lovers. It is a narrow stratum of people with a keen sense of taste – the intelligentsia, unfortunately, is rapidly dying. This category include various recitals, art and photo exhibitions. Movies, by contrast, has acquired the character of mass, and it was truly a way to youth hanging out, perhaps, to the extent of more (compared with the theater), close to the real life. Movie – is the story of individual lives over time, with unique character and destiny.

Theatre – a living book – a book that brought to life. Dance clubs and various parties, depending on the price range and quality performance, covering a fairly wide audience and represent a symbiosis of the rest of the soul of the body. Billiards and bowling, have received recent widespread popularity, appear rather as a valuable addition to the general principle "Clubbing", although this type of holiday there are true gourmets. Remained unnamed "exclusive" means of relaxation, such as a different extreme: from cycling to hiking (cheaper), and the hunt until the sauna and massage (expensive). What kind of recreation for leisure you choose – depending, of course, on personal taste and budget. But the choice is wide and huge, so do not deny yourself the main thing – to relax fun!