Sellaronda Trail Running

A spectacular and unique race of its kind along forest roads and trails around the Sella Group. The competition, as the name already expresses, held group around the Sella; forest roads and trails, always with the intention of as little as possible, to drive on the paved roads and rendering rhinestones above cross points. The route is approximately 51 km long with a height difference in the rise of 3,460 m. You will pass the villages Canazei, Selva, CORVARA and Arabba, Sella and Pordoi passes are tackled, navigated the Bec de Roces”in the vicinity of the Campolongo pass and the Dantercepies nearby the Passo Gardena. The start will be the chief towns”of the four Ladin valleys (Canazei, Selva, CORVARA and Arabba) in the year allocated, as it already legendary Sellaronda Ski Marathon is handled at the. The launch of the first edition of the Sellaronda trail running is in the Val di Fassa guest, the athletes start in Canazei and come back here, to the target back to succumb. The start takes place in P.zza Marconi at 7:00, on Saturday, the 10th of September 2011; the arrival of the first competitor is intended for approximately 5 hours.

The maximum driving time is set to 10 hours; along the slope still more time checkpoints exist, after which you can continue at a fixed time no longer. In addition to the singles, also a contest for couples is organized, where two athletes cross two passes; the change regarding this first edition is in CORVARA. The transfer for the participants is carried out by the Organizing Committee. Thanks to the precious collaboration of the tourist associations of the four Ladin valleys, and thanks to the many sponsors and volunteers who work with the Organizing Committee, a great competition, can the participants provided a terrific day of the sport of hiking trails in the midst of our beautiful mountains. Info on: