Goodwill Ambassadors

Part One. "The soul has a mysterious tendency to fill in empty spaces, to overcome the dangers and difficulties, to seek the unknown. This desire, making you act – the divine power embedded in the depths of our entity. It was she who drew the first hunters into new areas. This spring our greatest acts of human thought, which spreads its wings and did not recognize the boundaries of their freedom. " Fridtjof Nansen day the city has fallen white blizzard.

She howled and constantly swirled in a mad dance, as if imitating gone mad dervish. Huge handfuls, it threw cold icicles, which together with the snow pick up a breeze. He blew with full force, anywhere throwing powder snow as if it were a brilliant cook, decorate their creation. The blizzard raged all day until she herself has not bothered to howl and spin. Along with her verse and the wind. Uninvited guests left, but left behind poblekivayuschy snow-white needles of ice cover. Everywhere there was snow.

He covered the roofs, houses and trees, drowned all the sounds and movements. There was nothing but snow and white silence that reigned supreme. Colds overtaken I was still before the storm began to rage. And now I'm watching the madness of the winter at a safe distance from the windows of his house, not participating, along with all the spaces in the conquest of cold. Watching from behind this surround the play, I do not let go a hot cup of ginger tea, as if he really could heal me from my fear of the winter.