Western City

The extreme race, which is regarded as one of the toughest of its kind in Europe is fully booked months before his appointment. In October 2013 the second run of the PAS TEAM took place for the first time, the LimesRun in bad Gogging. 1,240 Participants came to the premiere. It is typical for these events, that the athletes are the motto of the run wildly dressed and struggling with lots of fun and team spirit through the hard course. When the Scottish-inspired Rheinruhrfreizeit kilts and blue and white painted faces identify the image, while the LimesRun Roman garments. While the CherokeeRun viewers on real Wild West atmosphere might have a: the venue El Dorado Templin offers an authentic world of the wild of West, including the original reconstructed on a seven-acre open space Western City with main street, saloons and bars, stunt shows, and many other attractions. This scenery, its professional event team, own technicians, the infrastructure including the large parking area and the scenic natural area is El Dorado for a sporting event such as the CherokeeRun.

The site offers everything that is part of a cross steeplechase: Sandy or marshy sections that are especially hard to iterate, hills, ditches with steep walls, overgrown forests and meadows, where the runners through the thicket have to fight and especially the large Roddelinsee, which provides long swimming passages. El Dorado also has many accommodations and dining options for participants and spectators. In the concert & dance hall parties on the eve of the event, as well as the award ceremony and the Party held at the CherokeeRun after the run. Each of our courses has its own character,”says Joachim von Hippel, Managing Director of PAS TEAM Ltd. and the head behind the barrels.” The Rheinruhrfreizeit has become something for the very hard and the admiration of the runners for the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace by the low temperatures in early March and the very demanding 28-kilometre route with many steep mountain passages an absolute cult-run. The LimesRun, however, is above all a real mud and water battle, he goes on largely flat route through Moore, over long distances along the marshy River of Abens, and even through the spa park Lake in bad Gogging. Through the venue, he also has bad Gogging and the former Castle of Abusina, which performs the route, a unique character. The CherokeeRun is a reminder of the courage, the desire for freedom and the awe of the Cherokee before nature.

Thus he perfect match they are the motivation of many participants, for overcoming the obstacles in the team and the challenging course is her personal struggle for freedom, with the make other runners. Here everyone will help everyone this team spirit and great fun at the challenges make up these kind of races.” As in his other runs also the organiser offers the possibility to present themselves at the CherokeeRun local partners and other sponsors. Interested parties can contact directly the organizers. Main sponsor is the El Dorado Templin, as additional partners, Seehotel Templin and the online training planning platform have already the Maple Running.Coach pledged their support.