From 18 to 22 July will be a very bad time for business and investment. Many signs will meet with difficulties in business and in relationships, they can prosecute the lack inspiration and lingering emotional experiences in relation to the closest people. If you're in this period, an alliance or Communications to build a solid financial base, then later it would create complications and difficulties you are in love, feeling and sensuality, in joint marital cohabitation in family life. There may be limitations and failure in love, social life and financial affairs. In a marriage can be cooled down to break relations, alienation, cooling, disruption of harmony, neuyut in the house. Bad time to make new friends. Squaring Saturn to Venus will be a bad influence on love relationships, contribute to prevention or delay in love affairs and finance. It can also be provided a sobering and frustrating, the cooling of feelings and privacy, financial setbacks.

It's a bad time for love and friendship. May arise debts and unpleasant disassembly associated with money. July 23 The sun will come out of Cancer and will move into Leo, and much has changed in our attitude, but until we have have the opportunity to experience fullness of life and be happy at least that finally got warm and the sun lit. End of July will be much harder and more difficult than the entire previous month. This is primarily due to two eclipses which will take place literally in a row – 22 and July 27. Thus, the eclipse will affect nearly two weeks of the end of July.

The first solar eclipse will be the second – the moon. The sun is in Leo and the Moon – in Libra, respectively, are two signs that it will affect the most. Moon in Libra will also be in conjunction with the fixed star Kraz – beta Crow. It is believed that this star has a bad effect on the finances and health. The influence of eclipses will be very strong and negative. Possible withdrawal, depression, frustration and obstacles that people can impose unnecessary obligations to you and an alien life line. In the worst case, there is a power slump. Can you feel unwell. Try not to schedule anything at this time, avoid any innovation in business, unexpected solutions, flights and travel.