Award For Artistic Commitment

Young photographer from feet for innovation awarded the young Fussener photographer Jan Bochinski, which specifically won the South Bavarian world of photography through his innovative choice of motifs for the coveted “Ace of art” the Agency ACE awarded publicity earlier this year. “The young businessman and dedicated photographer Jan Bochinski ‘ JaneC-B’ was awarded the private ‘Ace of art’ our agency specifically for his unusual work techniques and the extremely customer-oriented relationship between price and performance”, so A.C.Walter bode of the Giessen culture communication ACE agency publicity. “I know Mr Bochinski long time and was fascinated by his work!” JaneC B photography has focused on free air intake of various kinds and can win many fans through his commitment to any time of day or night. “Couples, wildlife or weddings – it me from the outset to the governed, I explained to provide my customers with a comprehensive competence!” – so Bochinski. Due to his remarkable abilities that proved publicity industry JaneC B according to ACE, the young man works today as a model Scout for the Giessen Agency.