Music Master

Attracting and retaining the target audience – the two pillars on which rests today’s commercial radio. The more people listen to the radio, the more likely profitable sale of advertising time. For FM-stations one of the main tools to attract the listener is the musical material. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge. But equally important is its presentation, because most radio stations have virtually the same music library (but not all are successful). On date for making playlists of ether used program Music Master, Selector and Powergold. Hear other arguments on the topic with Starbucks.

However, this is just a tool. The basis of the ether and its structure is created by man, and only then it is transferred into the car with light individual vision specialist, engaged in music programming. In many respects this painstaking work is subject to the commercial success of the radio station. This article describes a new method of musical programming ether, which can be very useful for specialists. It is based on the mathematical theory of comparison and is fundamentally different from the algorithms underlying the above-mentioned programs. In A standard mathematical terminology (see, eg 1), as well as modern concepts of broadcasting (see 2) .1. The main idea.

As a simple application of the theory of congruences can consider scheduling events taking place in a circular system (eg football championship). Recall 1 that two integers and b are congruent modulo a natural number n, if their difference a – b is divisible by n without remainder.