Cheap Paris Hostels

Hostels Economicos en Paris Tips for choosing hostels in Paris Paris is a great very cosmopolitan European capital and tourism. It is not easy to locate hotels in Paris that are decent and although there are many web pages of hostels very attractive that provide a guide that see in Paris, and hostels to choose reality once you get to your hostel in Paris can be very different to the virtual. It must be borne in mind, that to find a cheap hotel in Paris, has to choose a minimum 4-star. That vision or mentality that exists in Spain of: as long as the hotel is simple and clean already it is sufficient, for Paris, it is not valid. And not worth it, because in Spain simple and clean can be a 2 or a 3 star perfectly. A 2 star hotel in Paris may prove to be a pigsty decrepit and dirty; and a Parisian 3-star hotel a hotel may be more central but old, poorly preserved, poorly maintained and dirty. Our advice is to go always to the well-placed 4 star hotels so that they can make tourism comfortably with good links and metro connections and ls facilidides of transportation in Paris. It is difficult but possible to find some cheap hostels in Paris with these features.

Also, advice to move underground. Paris is a city that is very large, with long distances and has a very good infrastructure of metro and very comfortable, so it doesn’t matter if your hotel is not in the center of the city. A carnet de metro (carte orange) can be removed valid for one week and he may move and use it as many times as necessary. They sell it at all metro stations. The only thing that will be asked is a photograph. Below we offer some basic tips on how to choose a few hotels in Paris, whose relation quality / price is supported by many experienced tourists. How to choose a cheap hotel in Paris online: * use known reservations centers, or pages that collect the honest opinion of other tourists.

Our favorite book is Clickbed. ** Not never hire halfboard and neither full Board. Paris has lots of very interesting sites, to eat all kinds of food, and the food in the hotels except the most expensive tends to be very bad. * Check the situation of the hotel before booking. Many hotels in Paris, which are advertised as centrally located turn out to be very away from the center of the city, and although the subway system is very good, maybe not excited you have, than spend an hour commuting, to arrive at your hotel or from the hotel to the monuments and museums of Paris most emblematic. * It is wrong to be guided only by the number of stars. Or think that the Parisian hotels are in Spain. Each site has its own characteristics and should inform before you embark on a journey and organise themselves. We hope that these tips will be useful and your stay in Paris unforgettable!