The Transmitter

It lost a tooth, but not one duro of which dishonestly had worked hard. Its following passage in the scaling towards an excellent social position was the one to become industralist. But not of the world of the spectacle, where its credit had diminished somewhat, since people are very maledicente and count histories of which she does not have circumstantial tests but that more they unjustly notch the honour of the personnel. What did was to obtain a radio license. Rather: one became industrial partner of a chacinero that he yes who the past obtained to the license thanks to his political influences like old shirt of pro-Franco regime.

we are going away to cover said to him to its partner. It was certain by halves. The one that was covered was he. To its partner he was not to him as bad as to the aspirings to star that was plucking at another time. What entered box by publicity left in production payments that went, generally, to the pocket of Antoito.

For example, in its trips to France to cover in direct the cycling return. In fact, Antoito never traveled to France to follow the day day of the Tour. Locked up in house, it was supplied of a television and a good radio that caught several French transmitters. With all that informative panoply it gave I stick during veintitantas consecutive days. It is more, an increasing number of listeners of the transmitter swore that it was the best broadcasting of the Tour de France who never had heard. The speaker-producer-swindler gave as much vividness to his interventions, secured such capacity of communication and made so perfect cuts on the basic sound of the French transmitters that nobody could have thought that all that one became from an attic of the Ibiza street. Seen the success, he observed that the broadcastings were better not going to no site that doing them really in direct from the place of the facts.