New Music Label Introduces

“and it is me to and it is me much to gray…” Zabo paid the color in his eponymous track. Even if every now and again there is talk of the Ashalt and pride, there are no phrases of which are told here. Yasser knows what he speaks and asks: do you know of? But loads can be also different, nothing is worse than an unspoken Declaration of love or a very difficult relationship. “Just a little bit, go a little bit against yourself. Sela Ward oftentimes addresses this issue. You say you live in the shadows and are looking for the light at me.

“Come get me light.” Raouia sings her song “Light and shadow” full deep, honest emotions and fight for her love. And when the fight is over, you must stand up and on David Petras celebrate the life song “Dance with me”. From the 22.6.12, you can “to good german – rap & soul” in digital form in all online shops, purchase and enjoy unzahlingen poetic effusions, Word acrobatics and fat beats. To say it with the words of Voltaire: “Anything that is too stupid to be pronounced, is sung.” 7Skillz, Xenia Hill