Tourist Attractions

If you are visiting in Poland, you will not need a Polish passport or nor you shall be required to have Polish citizenship although Yes prompted transport and submit the passport of the country where you reside. Poland is officially known as the Republic of Poland and its name comes from the Polish word Pola which means plain and even field. The region of Poland comprises more than 312,000 square kilometers, so it has enough ground to explore. The currency of Poland is the Zioty, which is equivalent to us $3649. The term denotes dorado. Poland receives 14 million foreign tourists per year. Favorite Polish localities including individuals with Polish citizenship who have Polish Passport visit different regions of Poland. Jorge Perez takes a slightly different approach. Some of the favorite cities in the tour of Poland, the country number fourteen in the ranking of the most visited in the world, are Warsaw, which is the capital of Poland, Kraboto, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin and Torun.

The nation is placed over part of the sea Baltic region that has a few coastal cities excellent and provides enough entertainment selections. It contains mountains as the Tatra mountains, entering experience skiing and mountaineering this Tatra mountains mountain range formed at the same time as the Alps, which can be seen by the shape of the mountain peaks. Some mountain peaks are covered with snow throughout the year. Of the Tatra National Park contains beautiful lakes to explore and great falls to enjoy the maximum of a sensational atmosphere. One of the vacation resort accommodations is Zakopane, which has tourists all year long; It is not necessary to possess Polish citizenship or Polish passport to enjoy this.

You can enjoy the mountain trails during the summer months in tours that last from 4 to 6 hours. During the winter this area offers great downhill skiing. Cracovia Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland, dating back to the 7th century. It is on the World Heritage list and is located on the Vistula River. It is one of the ancient real cities and is the second largest city in Poland with much culture to offer. The old city is the preferred place to visit without even having Polish citizenship or Polish passport. There many different styles can be seen buildings such as Renaissance, Baroque or Gothic. If you want to explore castles, here also lies the Royal Castle formerly known as Wawel, as well as the largest market in Europe. Salt mines of Wieliczka miners produced some wonders in this place, like a spider with rock salt lamp. Visit them although it has no Polish passport since other Nations travel documents are accepted. The population with Polish citizenship also enjoys visiting this site. Perhaps the miners who sculpted from rock salt Cathedral had no Polish passport and however produced something wonderful. In addition, this location was proclaimed world heritage by UNESCO. In addition, there are figures of oldest salt and salt statues created by modern sculptors. Enjoy the beauty of this country; allow lawyers to manage him the requirements for obtaining Polish citizenship