Neruda Foundation House

Declared a national monument in 1990. Located at the foot of Cerro San Cristobal, was the residence of the poet Chilean Nobel Prize of literature Pablo Neruda. In 1955, Pablo Neruda and Matilde Urrutia choose this place to live. The House is a significant amount of books, paintings and other objects gathered throughout his life. Check with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to learn more. This residence is also home to the Neruda Foundation. The route to this House of strange texture is initiated by the continuous bar to the dining room, where they begin to poke the collections of paintings, mostly still lifes old, and some representative pictures of Chilean artists, many of whom worked with him to illustrate his poems. The bar belonged to an ancient French ship, whose cover is pewter; the dining room, a table narrow and long in a room with a ceiling of boat that ends in a small, almost secret door, which gives access to a very narrow spiral staircase that leads to a bedroom.

In other spaces of the House is the lounge, where is the famous painting Diego Rivera painted of Matilde in that hidden in your hair is the profile of Neruda, painted on a trip to Chile of Rivera in 1953, and two works by Fernand Leger, who also made illustrations for the French edition of Canto general. On the living room is the bedroom of Paul and Matilda. After climbing stairs and slopes, before the third volume is another bar that is chock-full of colorful figures, diverse collections, giant shoes, all post by way of entertainment and game. And then the library and the desktop, where you can review the decorations and awards received by Neruda, including, certainly, the Nobel Prize medal. The Chascona account with two annexed facilities: shop and Cafeteria. Your name – La Chascona was put by Neruda in allusion to the hair who was his secret love until 1955. Chascona is used as a synonym for the word mess.