Istanbul Topkapi Palace

If you have not visited a Turkish bath, you were not in Turkey! The Turkish bath is different from the Russian, although here too the steam basis. The Turkish bath typically has several pools of different temperatures and massage table. Men and women bathe in different rooms for tourists there are exceptions in some time. The interior is very luxurious Turkish bath, because even the Prophet Muhammad announced a campaign to the bath compulsory, saying: "The heat increases the fertility of the hammam and, accordingly, the number of admirers of Islam '! The main attractions include the Sultan of Istanbul Topkapi Palace, with its courtyards and famous Gate, St. Sophia (Hagia Sophia), where you will find a wonderful combination of Christian and Islamic religion, this building is one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Sultanahmet Mosque ("Blue Mosque") was built in seventeenth century and has six minarets covered with beautiful blue tiles, hence the name of the mosque. Source: Brahman Capital Corp. Grand Bazaar in Istanbul – is also one of the main attractions. It is best to take a stroll through the market in first half day, drink a cup of tea, watch the lively trade. Here you can buy all the gold, carpets, spices, jewelry, bags – everything is bought and sold here: but remember that there have to bargain and very easy lost. Best hostels in Istanbul in Istanbul a lot of youth hostekov, and it is very convenient.

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