BlackBerry Hamburg

Budnikowsky uses innovative software system EXTEND 7000 to the operation and monitoring of its air conditioners per BlackBerry Hamburg, June 30, 2011. The Hamburg-based drugstore market company Budnikowsky uses the innovative system EXTEND 7000 Schad to the operation and monitoring of air conditioning in the logistics center Hamburg-Allermohe. The air conditioners of the Logistics Centre, stored goods for the over 150 branches of the drugstore market company, must be continuously monitored and maintained. Through the use of EXTEND 7000, this is possible through mobile devices (BlackBerry). The competent staff to access mobile and location-independent direct the plant controls. The responsiveness of the staff are considerably reduced, drastically reduces downtime of the plant.

Budnikowsky the air conditioning systems consisting of three cooling systems with a total of 42 indoor unit are each controlled by a Mitsubishi plc and are connected via a bus system from Mitsubishi with the controls of the large coolers. EXTEND 7000 allows the for the maintenance of air conditioners competent employees, the condition of the plant at any time to observe and to access if necessary directly onto the plant controls. Visualization in combination with mobile technology provides direct access to system controls each employee who is responsible for the monitoring of operation to air conditioning systems, receives a BlackBerry end device and receives all messages from the plants on this: information about plant conditions and any errors within the refrigerating units. Each value can be visualized on the devices. The BlackBerry end device is a fully functional SCADA system at the same time. With this errors can be acknowledged, aggregates – enable and disable, values read and set target values.

A filter function allows forwarding only relevant messages to the employees responsible for the particular case. This can confirm mobile acquisition of disorder, the entire team will be informed about automatically.