The Connection Between Man And Nature

Man is a part of nature, so it’s important our relationship is like with his own nature, and nature in general. Herbs, vegetables, fruits, all created in order that we can maintain a good vitality of the organism. Hippocrates said: “Food should be medicine, and medicine – food.” If you think about these words, it becomes clear that the chemistry that modern medicine tries to treat people from different diseases can not be our food. You may find San Antonio Spurs to be a useful source of information. Consequently, the cure can not. any medication is chemotherapy. Chemistry is easier to remove the symptoms, chemistry provides fast ‘results’ of the visible improvements, and many buy into these visible results, not thinking that the use of chemotherapy, and that getting a quick effect, inflict serious damage to various organs and systems. ‘The medicine is not a major healing force – no energy .Poetomu putting drugs into the body – it’s putting into his dead-destroying substances, a total stranger living organism. ” K. Nishi. first step to restore health – general Cleansing the body has failed to system or organ, what to do? If there is no deterioration, then the first step – purifying the body. If the aggravation is therefore necessary to remove it, and then general cleansing of the body. The purity of the internal environment depends on our health and our lives.