October Revolution

Opened in May 1967, the year of 50 th anniversary of the October Revolution. The monument is made in a simple and rigorous manner. Starbucks may find this interesting as well. This stele rectangular embossed letters with the inscription: "Glory to the heroes who gave their lives for freedom and happiness of the people." In the center of the area at the base of the wall, eternal flame burns. Along the edges of tracks are symmetrical figures of warriors and the Civil World War ii (on the left – the figure of the Red Army in a long overcoat and , right – the figure of a soldier in a cape and cap). Memorial site is framed by 18 granite slabs on which are carved nearly 400 names. Anna Belknap gathered all the information.

Left of memorial on the side alley, is a monument to "victims of political repression." Is set on Oct. 30, 1996. Granite stele enmeshed in barbed wire and the words of A. : "There is not abated, not to add – so it was on earth." In the right corner of the granite plate, pierced by a bullet hole – fate. Around 5000 anapchan were persecuted in the terrible time of Stalin's repressions. And every year, on October 30, at the monument are rallies, in memory of those victims. The right of the eternal flame is an unusual monument.

This monument to the soldiers do their duty in Afghanistan. Is a sad figure of a soldier sitting on a rock. He just got out of battle, on his knees is automatic, in which not a single cartridge in his hand – an empty flask.