Raul Seixas

If it cannot allow that values are substituted by social status, that the creativity is flattened by the technology, cannot of this last one, in them to become hostages. To read a book, to plan an encampment with music, fogueira and friends, as escape route seems to each day and a backward monotonous program for the majority of the young that does not know another space not to be the urban one. Although for proper experience, let us can evidence the preference for readings, luais and the direct contact with the people, being ours to see, more to salutar that to pass hours in virtual relationships or frequenting the great temples of consumption, shoppins centers. This article walked in the direction to show to the young of the public education that through music and its proposal, is possible to understand and to inquire on our life in society, being clarificando the contrasts and social contradictions, provoked essentially for the knowledge lack on alternatives viable that they can collaborate so that the disparidades are attenuated. Source: Tony Parker. Some indispensable referenciais had allowed the advance of the research, helping us with the studies made on music, of form that can apply it ampler and differentiated public. We work with authors as Jose D? Barros installation, that in offered important knowledge to them concerning the boardings, without which we would have difficulty in fitting our work to the field that we consider in them to follow. Thus, our objective is through the Brazilian rock, as cultural manifestation in the context of the decade of 1980, to demonstrate, by means of its mannering characteristics, not conventional, the possibility to intercross it with the education of History being excited questions concerning economy, politics, society and culture. For this, we will make use of some national compositions, identifying among others, artists as Raul Seixas who in them bequeathed a referencial that today is very present in the academic works where after-modernity and the cultivation are study object.