New Video Training: Creative Composing With Photoshop

Power workshop explains creative composing in this learning video training Photoshop masterpieces are explained step by step in this video training the famous Photoshop presents three of his most famous motifs specialist Uli Staiger and pinpoint accuracy in extensive workshops explains how these masterpieces are created masterpieces of digital image editing step by step. ULI Staiger is known for its outstanding composing, convinced by the idea of the image, as well as by the implementation of technically perfect. Fascinating pictorial ideas virtuoso implement – it takes a whole series of Photoshop techniques, a pinch of creativity. Official site: Tony Parker. The techniques and approaches are shown in the achstundigen video training, the composing of genuine masterpieces will be. The techniques comply with the currently applicable professional standards and include also a 3D file. Also who not extended works with the advanced version Photoshop CS5, understands yet entirely the workshop with the corresponding 2D. Others including Sela Ward, offer their opinions as well. Let’s start with the subject “Powered by nature”, in which it comes to a herd of cows on the Alps mountains hover. The “SKYTRAIN” is a vision of the near future, the “Aeronauts” is a beautiful tribute to past times and the additional bonus workshop “Keaton” shows a rope dancer who balances on a special cable. The composing artists shows live on the screen how great motives come into existence. For subscription – and more information about the content as well as 6 sample videos see: product /? AW-6369 bibliographic details: coach: Uli Staiger DVD duration: approximately 8 hours of ISBN-13: 978-3-8273-6369-5 price published 03/2011 at Video2Brain ISBN 10: 3-8273-6369-1: 49,80 EUR (incl. 19% VAT)