Bossa Nova

It may be more expensive because it is used for internal high-density rubber or glass wool of the same type. You can also use rolls of polyethylene and plates. The leaks are harder to contain those of the bass (Bass and Drum). They can work this battery mounted on a platform with rubber base. And the bass amp as well, away from the floor. This will not only help the insulation but also the quality of listening in the room test. Doors and Windows: The most optimal is to have a double door with an air cavity filled with absorbent material inside (always the same principle of Box in a Box).

If they can not reinforce the double door plates with some material and add it empty glass. There are good systems of presses but I would go beyond what the “rehearsal room home.” The windows will have to be sealed with the same principle: glass wool and plasterboard (or whatever they choose to isolate). Both doors and windows to isolate using weatherstripping to die! They are fairly inexpensive and make a difference. Isolate is difficult and costly but not impossible. Try it and at home is priceless! Accusation: The accusation will relate directly to Part 2 (Room: available, optimization and management.). Now we will focus on the immediate test room. The first question that arises is: What material turquoise waters use for my practice room? All materials are available absorbed.

Everyone. The issue is between choose to pay more or work harder. I advise you to work more and do it yourself panels of glass or mineral wool instead of plates or panels of polyurethane. Wool absorbs much more, but there are q make a wooden frame, put the wool in and then cover with a thin cloth and q if it is volatilized can do very bad for your health. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. In contrast, the polyurethane is directly on the wall if you will. I prefer wool, but not that it is “better,” according to needs. In many venues and rehearsal rooms I design combines the two materials. I often use glass wool for the walls and sound absorbing polyethylene material for the roof and excellent performance. I do this because it is much more comfortable and sure to hit polyurethane panels in the roof or high ground to suspend a frame with glass wool which is always heavier. Tip: Do not exaggerate with the placement of materials. I have seen many rehearsal rooms in which are not directly through the walls and the ceiling are covered entirely by such material. That is very wrong. Added little by little and go absorbers listening and responding in the test room. Absorbents dispersed evenly. The room should have reflections but controlled. Eliminate reflections at angles of 90 degrees formed between the walls. Not all work the same rehearsal rooms for all styles. If you play Bossa Nova will need less absorption. If they play Thrash Metal more.