While the adults do not intervene in the work of children's consciousness, the child feels a particle of the Universe. No matter that at first the boundaries of the universe are for him the edge baby carriage, the walls of the room, a small space, entering a field of vision. But he has been actively studying the world, and this manifested his creativity. In this he is – the Creator. This continues until, until adults do not begin to actively intervene in the individual learning process. Considering that the child's time to show individuality, they start shoving it into the framework of his understanding of this world and the process of knowing it. So lost thing: instead provide a natural adaptation to the conditions of the child of his environment, in which he was after the birth, the adult children programmed to execute their own programs, oblivious to the fact that each person is unique and should be manifested themselves in this world. Thus, they block the child individual vertical spiritual channel, which is so important to develop a mechanism inspiration (see the book "Inspiration").

Therefore, the main objective of the first phase of human incarnation is the task of maintaining a spiritual connection (channel) with a thin world where man and came. Responsible for maintaining this contact is, first and foremost on the parents. Meanwhile, every man is born into this world with well-defined settings, and define the goals of the current incarnation is a major task in the first stage of his life, after adaptation to the world has accepted it, mostly held.