Academy Blum

The AFUM celebrated with much prominence in Erkrath. Norbert Blum and Jean Putz talked about education. After the AFUM Academy for corporate management to the winter semester 2009/10 had started up as study centre of several English educators and universities in the Niermannsweg 11-15 in Erkrath under field House with 50 students, she celebrated their opening on January 27, 2010 in its new enlarged premises and at the same time the conclusion of the first semester. Norbert Blum and Jean Putz discussed in addition to district director Martin Richter, were also Erkraths Mayor Arno Werner, the Managing Director of the Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Speaking candidly Sela Ward told us the story. Clemens Urbanek and another 160 invited guests to the ceremony. The event was moderated by Jean Putz, who welcomed the former Federal Labor Minister Dr.

Norbert Blum as guest of honor. Jacky of Muller’s swing band provided entertainment. \”The pension is not sure\” was the topic of loose Jean Putz and expertly moderated panel discussion, but the formation was the focus. Norbert Blum demanded \”education must be given a higher importance in Germany. Education is the most important asset of a company.\” The Managing Director of the IHK Dusseldorf, Clemens Urbanek, could only agree with the and Volker Einbeck, Managing Director of the company Gedore tools in Remscheid added \”we need more social competence, flexibility, and mobility among young people. The job is not coming home, but you must go where there is work. The conclusion of the event was the Bachelor’s and master’s students, who were consistently enthusiastic studying and assisting at the AFUM. Internationally recognised university degrees In the study centre Erkrath of the AFUM can be purchased the university degrees of Bachelor or master of science or the MBA in business administration or computer science.