The Mainburger

There are different types, to a good fit of the safety shoe to reach. Caught by a quick lacing system, located at the relevant points of the foot in the shoe and a good lacing offer a reliable grip. Here, it is important that the safety boots has high-quality loops even after months and years still holds and does not break. Haix for example uses high-quality self closing hook with lace-up automatically open and close. Thus, there is more, somewhere unintentionally to hang with no risk. Some manufacturers of safety footwear offer also a closure with hook and loop closures, what achieved but not a good grip and stability as a decent lacing. What however does make sense, is the use of a hook to support the quick lacing, where again a certain area like for example the ankle or the foot extra may be supported. As an alternative to the fast lacing, there is even a lacing system with zipper.

This means that the work boots is tied up once and Opens then quickly and easily through the zipper in the middle of the lacing. It continues to the flap, or also known as the shoe tongue of a safety boot. This should be at least cushioned and prevent possible and unpleasant pressure points. It is highly useful as well, the flap to close, that means no water on the flap coming in even when prolonged rain, the foot remains dry. The Mainburger safety shoe has still a very intelligent system for the strap of a safety boot manufacturer Haix. It is called CT system and supports the air circulation in the built for work in the air over various breathable felts and holes in the tongue is pressed outwards. Also works also the Haix climate system, which uses the pumping motion, which when walking occurs. Here too, the moisture from the inside to the air vents shaft and tongue is redirected.