Option 2. (Family) a family holiday and we can try to meet his parents. Many families have a tradition to gather together in New Year's Eve. You will be surrounded by native people, there will be fond memories of childhood. It is also usually a good dinner, watching Christmas programs, and usually an early sleep. Atmosphere is warm and cozy.

In the morning you feel briskly, you know what celebrities were wearing at the blue fire. But will not be without a reminder that it was time to marry, I want grandchildren, and several other conversations clearly spoil the mood. I met so last year, but I do not like his mother, this time try to escape. Option 3. (Noisy) to organize a party with friends and friends are not encumbered by marriage. Go by in a night club and restaurant. Or arrange Celebration on someone else's apartment.

Lovers of noisy parties, you can invite neighbors, friends, friends of friends and Here, among fellow countrymen, you will not feel ushemlennoy or overripe lady. You may be one of your neighbor But people will be much different, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Option 4. (Travel) Can my friend buy a ticket to the travel agent (good choice now huge, from a trip to the nearest resort to the luxury hotel and Ocean). What a good option, since your wardrobe there is still no one saw, no need to spend more on the update. Also a new circle of acquaintances, usually because there are some people non-family, traveling to meet fascinating adventures.