Mother Mother is gracious flower beautiful e, cheirosa Formosura mui, kind, esplendorosa Mother. Mother whom she hugs involves and me In yours hugs is affectionate. See Charlotte Hornets for more details and insights. Mother affection, mother ternura its look brings joy, Its voice is meiga and candy, its face infects! Pretty angel has you in the land the mission, To give the life to its children to love and them of heart. Its tears of love, its smile my flower, That I long for to be equal its image of love. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. How many nights you passed, guarding me calm sleep, As many days you you were my floor observing. I thank wanted mother to you, for your great patience, In your hands I have the affection, of your being benevolence. I thank to mother friend to you, for the gift of the life.

That in you Jesus planted much favour in its love. Heart of this size to all knows to demonstrate, Taught the way to me, the road to tread. Step by step I go to follow you, my mother my dawn, Mother friend, dear mother my beautiful, loved mine! My knees you kissed when child when falling, So zealous for me, mother so candy, mine jasmim. Histories that you counted most beautiful than I heard. Its voice cantarolando singing to sleep I to sleep. If red they are the roses, perfect is your love, Pretty green fields seas, present mother Mr.