Grand Star Hotel

In the afternoon when the sun was, walking sometimes in a T-shirt, but the evening was cool and even cold at night, had to wear a sweater under the jacket. Sofar spoke with conviction. Now about the hotel … Booked hotel Butik Star 3 star luxury overlooking the Bosphorus. Everything was so pathetic, I remind you, because the gift. Looked a lot of hotels in Istanbul, but to find a room with a confirmed view of the Bosphorus has been very, very not easy. Most simply stated, that such numbers are there, but if you're lucky, it is not known. I wanted certainty.

And he was found, but still very nice. Room cost is not cheap, 120 euros per night, but Moscow and European prices for this room price was very even normal. Ordinary rooms cost less, and in general in Istanbul is full of hotels are much cheaper. Just such a case was 🙂 But despite this careful preparation is not entirely a surprise success. Things have not been nearly so quickly passed the area and found a hotel with a proud name Butik Star and we were immediately 'rejoiced' that we have now will 'upgrade', that is, we do not be accommodated in 3 *, and as much in as much as 4 *. In another case I might be, and was delighted, though not a fact.

But not this! I planned to see exactly the number you have booked. But the race at night have some disadvantages, such as the lack of hotel management and the inability in many cases solve the problem. Specifying exactly whether there is also a luxury views of the Bosphorus, for we thereby 'night porter' passed on the street about 50 meters and ended up in Grand Star Hotel 4 *. Everything looks good. But when we entered the room, I realized that my surprise 'covered himself with a copper basin.