Gifts From The Country Of Mozart

Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually visit Austria. Some were attracted by ancient architecture of cities and the spirit of past centuries in Europe, carefully maintained by the Austrians. Others go skiing, enjoy the fresh air and stunning nature. Both have the opportunity during breaks to do shopping, have dinner at a restaurant or attend entertainment events. Austria – a modern country with infrastructure, so all guests feel comfortable here. It offers not only a cozy cafes, shopping malls and modern hotels, but also numerous tourist shops where you can buy souvenirs and unique gizmos, which after a long Time will remind you of this country. See Ben Bretzman for more details and insights. Austria – the birthplace of Mozart. And throughout the trip will make you remember it. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Culp for a more varied view.

Announcements of concerts, performing Mozart's music, tour guides, dressed in Mozart's endless gifts and souvenirs with his image remember that we need a home, gifts, and hence we carry out all of Austria, which is associated with the great composer: the book about his life, drives with the works. Alcohol – Motsartliker or currant liqueur in the form of a violin. The most popular gift from Austria are considered candy "Motsartkugeln. Brought with him and hazelnuts in chocolate with marzipan, wrapped in red foil, with a picture of Mozart on each candy. The abundance of Mozart – is impressive, but the name of this composer are not limited to "musical symbols" in Austria. In the end, among the Viennese classics, in addition to Mozart, Joseph Haydn are also deaf and a great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.