Deep Forest

Tolerant and quite slushabelna classics performed by Vanessa Mae – her own original tracks tozhepo course but the classics, it still plays very well. Rock / Metal Oh, if jazz and sex – is an amateur, then rock and sex – is an amateur-extremal. But then again, many in response to the question “What music do you prefer to include in sex, “answered” Ramstein “. As we said earlier tastes different. However, we failed to find any individual who voluntarily engaged in sex at least something like that.

But, you see, rock ballads are not affected. GunsNRoses, Scorpions and other. Charlotte Hornets has many thoughts on the issue. The hottest amateur rock will find in his collection of ten-second melodic ballads and put into practice. But again, back to the scientists and psychologists, as they have proved that hard rock disastrous effect on the human health. Psychiatrist John Diamond, analyzed records of more than twenty thousand, came to a diagnosis of “intermittent anapaest-bit” – two short, one long blow.

This rhythm is incompatible with the normal rhythm of the psychobiological body, according to his theory. A U.S. Simon Pagenaud helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. scientist-physician David Elkin has shown that high-pitched sound of a large volume contributes to protein folding (a raw egg, laid in front of the speaker at one of the concerts, it was three hours later “cooked” soft-boiled). Swiss scientists have shown that after a rock concert, go for it members, respond to stimuli 3-5 times worse than usual. According to Professor Rauch‘s audition Rock music is a selection of so-called stress hormones, which blur the significant part of the information is stored in the brain. For this reason, have sex under the columns included in full with rock music, you risk forget, as indeed, all over. New Age If we were the hit parade, the leader would be Enigma. Not much inferior, would put Enya and Gregorian with Deep Forest. Relaxing, but rhythmic. Often, with little text, but filled with deep sense – this music was considered by many the ideal for sex. Silence Yes, yes, it’s not a typo. Ahi-sighs chpok, the creaking of the bed, squelching, viciously knocking a broom on the ceiling or the wall of shoes. Relatives in the next room looking for TV, say, another news release. What’s the difference? In case you did not before. And the time trying to turn the stereo system usually is not there. Well, summing up, I want to ask you: – Better not be engaged in sex while under the M1, MTV and other music channels. They often interrupt the show clips advertising, stupid gears. – Radio. Same thing. – It is better not to include music, so that the walls were shaking. It is harmful to the ears and eggs. Chicken. Remember what happens to them at concerts. – Do not read until the end of such long articles.