Bees Party

Bees in the country. No way that enlivens not look suburban area, as far as bee colonies that its infinite-time, the desire to live, grow, work, and inspire us to deeds of personal and sometimes vice versa – calm and looking at them, come to mind philosophical thought. If you decide to read this article, therefore, have to start thinking of bees, but certainly confused some of the questions that arise after the purchase. That's about all these questions I want to tell prospective beekeeper. You are afraid that young children and the bees in the same area was dangerous? Are you afraid to spoil relations with its neighbors? I assure you – this is not a serious problem! Only one species of bees different aggressiveness – is central Russian bees.

They really better not to have, if next to the hives are often men. And all the other breeds do not pay people, nor any attention. Only in beehives is not a hammer Knock. I noticed that adults are afraid of bees more than children, for example, I never will see a panic fear of bees in children. If a bee sting, of course yell loudly, but quickly calmed down, and oddly enough the consequences of a bite in children are often faster than adults. Moreover, these random bites are very, very rarely, usually when the child accidentally crushed a bee or a barefoot run on the site. Is not uncommon for children and adults are not around receive a single bite for a few years.