Prior to preparing a matte, water in a boiler, which was placed in a thermos or be left in the same Prime should be heated. The most suitable container is and remains the pumpkin, they are of different sizes and capacities.It is filled with grass up to no more than 2/3 parts of this capacity, then plugging the matte mouth hand, leaning and sits softly the grass against a sector of the mouth of the matte. It should be a hole on the opposite side, where you add him a little cold or warm water (so that the grass does not burn and lose taste), without crashing down nor wet the promontory or mountain of grass we had left against a sector of the mouth of the matte.This is so that the grass will soak and swell. Actress insists that this is the case. Then the cold or lukewarm water is absorbed by the grass, we introduce the bulb (which can be precious as gold or silver, or perhaps of alpaca or other metals), burying it until it touches the bottom and then apply a lever backwards movement. After that this bulb located in place and have the water in the flask or the boiler, irrigate on the boundary of the dry grass and the wet. Remembering as always not to wet the dry grass, because once we take several you to kill, on a same sector yerba you will go to undermine in flavor. So go by turning the mate (in clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on the habit of the primer), by removing the bulb and running with her mountain of grass so that we are always against it some good mates are ideal as an optimum digestive after a rich dinner to roast meat based original author and source of the article