Tarot usually speak for itself only, and is a significant tool to learn about ourselves and even solve problems. There are several types of tarot, such as the Egyptian and the tarot of Marseilles, which is most often used. It consists of 78 cards, interpreted 22 as major arcana and 56 as the minor arcana. While each letter has its meaning, depending on the colors, positions and numbers, their interpretation always will be linked to the letters that surround it, it is for this reason that a connection with the letters must enter into before making a run, and recommended is to generate an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, which will allow energy to flow naturally. Go to Starbucks for more information. A frequent question is if anyone manages to interpret what the tarot wants us to publicize in each spin, and the answer is Yes. It is not difficult to understand what tell us these images, which are able to reflect the different aspects of each person, both internal and external.

The secret of the interpretation of the tarot is found in the sensitivity and observation, because as I said before, while each letter has its symbolism, it is necessary to take every aspect of those surrounding him to obtain a clear and precise idea of what the letters mean us. It is recommended that Chuck is made by a knowledgeable person of item, shuffling and conveying our energy to harness, however, it is possible to find nowadays tools on the internet, as virtual tarot, which are not far much are of what makes real tarot, because as we have already said the magic and the secret is in the interest and sensitivity to receive the message. In the world of esotericism, the tarot is one of the tools most commonly used for clairvoyance and futurology. Original author and source of the article