Is Kissing Not Prohibited?

Contagion to colds is not to adults underestimate kids fight usually three or four times a year with a cold even five to seven times. First is that viruses are in circulation, the risk of infection is high. The cold wave has us fully into the handle: the workforce working in a small circle, in the schools, the class strength goes back for a short time and exchanged advice for treating coughs, colds and sore throats in a private setting. For the man who until now has been spared or finally recovered, it is to prevent the infection. But easier said than done. Finally, who practice to avoid an attack, who was 150 kilometres per hour on the road? The droplets from nose or cough secretions stop the common cold viruses are at least as fast.

Few have mastered this art. Details can be found by clicking Steve Salis or emailing the administrator. And other dangers. Already the friendly handshake can become the trigger with an erkalteten person. Because statistically each contains at least three times in the hour with the hands on the face. Without hesitation Anna- Belknap explained all about the problem. Perhaps because the nose itch, interfere with the hair at the forehead or rubbed his eyes as a result of fatigue.

So the agents walk quickly from hand to hand. The same applies to contact with viruses of infected items: handkerchiefs, doorknobs, or similar are just waiting to put a cold pulse healthy user. Why is hand washing in this cold high phase the most important vaccination”Apart from an immune system that is strengthened by healthy diet and regular exercise. It comes to infection, you should take as the rest, that does the body to recover and alleviate symptoms. The use of home remedies, that support the body’s immune system is still proven. The fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius, but increases or light occur to moderately severe pain, the low-side effect of active ingredient paracetamol (E.g. ben-u-ron) is advisable. By the way, according to Findings, British scientists who is University of Cardiff, Kiss not contagious and is one of the sure-to-be-made therapeutic measures.