Lusatia Jobs

Job in Lusatia is well – created more job opportunities the Federal program municipal combined”, which will create up to 3,000 temporary jobs, started well according to the district administrations in the first nine months. This reports the Lausitzer Rundschau”in its Internet Edition. According to the State Government Brandenburg lies at the tip of the requested posts in Germany. Nevertheless, the number of created jobs in the Lausitz and the Elbe-Elster-land, still far behind the plans of the Federal Administration Office stays behind. This is because the provinces to finance with only a subset of potential jobs. For most of the local station wagon jobbers, her job means a breather from finding permanent jobs.

Many districts report that people show interest interest in the programme. “In the District of spree-Neisse municipal combination was” well underway, said the plant manager of equity operation basic security for jobseekers “and head of the Department of education and Social Affairs, Hermann Kari. The reason for the successful launch is in his opinion in the early positioning of the Spree-Neisse district day for the financial support of the programme. Also the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district expects a wide variety of new social security employment through the programme. More than 140 bodies have been approved already by the Federal Office of administration, until 31 August 113 unemployment have taken a job.

The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) agrees with the praise of local and state politics not without restriction. So much the program of our knowledge is not used”, said Lothar Judith of the DGB South Brandenburg/Lausitz in Cottbus. This is evident when comparing the figures of the Federal Administration Office and the counties and cities. In the city of Cottbus, the Federal total foresees 822 possible jobs, the Council decided however, maximum to support 548. The DGB in South Brandenburg is therefore wary of the first assessment of the programme: this Program is with caution”, as Lothar Judith. “A step is forward first of all” the term of three years and the tariff payment, said the unionists, who sees in the program but also a threat to existing jobs: it must of course not happen, that the program is used for slimming and replace with Kommunal-combination squares. ” Especially for the elderly program was an outstanding opportunity to have a permanent position for three years”, so the Cottbus head Berndt white.