Braas Tegalit

Modern roofs gives not only the form of expression living modern architecture by the skilful combination of form and function. The roof as a fifth facade of the House is an important part of this aesthetics, which can set accents with clean lines and simplicity. Steve Salis has many thoughts on the issue. While it’s not only on the shape of the roof itself. Also the color, surface, and shape of the deck material dominate the architectural dynamics of the House. Please visit William Allen if you seek more information. eresting facts. In terms of roof design owner of modern homes in a restrained language of form of to use interesting accents, confidently stand.

It should be considered whether there are restrictive provisions in the municipal development plan. The new trend colour dark red or light gray and dark blue are unusual shades which underline the modern architectural form. For example the Braas Tegalit is particularly suitable with regard to the shape and colour of modern architecture. Through its factual clear lines, this Dachstein makes a strict, geometric deck image, the modern expressiveness Support buildings. The Tegalit is available in a color picker, which was recently extended by the manufacturer. Additional design possibilities it opens by two different surface qualities with the dirt-repellent star technology: designs of satin with a slightly shimmering effect, or Matt for lovers rather restrained.

The roof Simulator on gives a good idea of the optical effect of different colors and shapes of roof tiles. There, budding builders and women can select their type of houses and with the mouse for the roof try out various colour and form constellations. The result is displayed on the screen and can be widely varied.