Book Presentation – Challenging Images By Gisela Enders

“A book for women who find themselves somehow too thick Dicke e.V. is pleased with its Chairman and author Gisela Enders the new book challenging images” to introduce. With this book another message conveyed finally for chubby teenage, than that of self hate and desperate, having to remove this participate in society on an equal footing and fully to. Instead, the dialogue of two women of different generations of hope, courage and zest for life gives even with a body that is not the norm. Jorge Perez is open to suggestions. Actors are the 16 year old Antje and her aunt, the latter a thick self-confident person who helps with many questions of the younger woman to new ideas beyond the diet. This exciting new ways open up. When I look back on my life, puberty with their uncertainties and changes certainly was the most difficult time in my life in the face of today’s beauty images in the media and this pressure has reinforced slimming madness Girl still increased,”the author describes and Dickenaktivisitin Gisela hired Enders the motivation for her second book on a subject for fat people (” in 2001, the book is already thick life appeared “). Difficult images”can be purchased in bookstores or directly through the Association for 9.80 (www.dicker-verein..