Latin America

For many years the volunteer was something as well as being a person banegada with a good heart who helps others and continuous Hat following his normal life. Voluntary work in good time, has changed by that increasingly here are more and more people are interested in doing voluntary work, even with new approaches, interesting thing more alla assistentialist approach their arnica in most of latinoamercianos above all countries with orders religious which brought volunteerism. Today senefoca to overcome human volunteers, gradually develops models of social intervention with the participaicon of the subjects of action. In my country Chile is an example clear and concrete in this regard the Organization a techoparachile who works with with people siuada in illegal camps in shots of teereno in the outskirts of santiago and the cities most important of chile. Therefore there volunteers dedicated not only to the construction of a maedia living water for families, but also involve social work with the beneficiarso in education plans. employment, social self-management. Also new forms of volunteering on there line and volunteerism professional involved lawyers, doctors, architects give part of his time in his work for ejejrcer your porfesion voluntarily in some populations in the countries of Latin america. The above trnasforma for volunteering more than the good Samaritan in an effective and powerful displays of social capital and capital huamano for the reduction of poverty and inequality weapons mass deestruccion of the america of our days. There are compormisos Government expressed in lyesde volunteer in American countries, as well as volunteer work plans specific as in Spain in parillero Councils work with real platforms of social mobilization through voluntary work.