Historical Review

Historical review: Carlos Anato lives in Miami, from years 90 and is our friend for more than 30 years. Our friendship was born in the district Alberto Ravell, back in Caracas, Venezuela where we grew. When we came to Miami to visit it, it always received to us with comelonas monumental. Of those fixed meals he was churrasco, that by the way, nobody prepares better than. Soon already when we settled down in this multicultural city, the gastronomical festivales in their house, have not stopped.

Whenever we joined ourselves with our families, it always has some good surprise to us in hand. We are loving of the grilled meat; we have eaten infinity of meats to grill, but no like the one of my compadre. We think that the key is in the marinated one of the meat that does. Finally we asked its secret to him for churrasco the grill that we have added to him: of Carlos Anato. They have here it, by the way, without its authorization. Ingredients: Meat: 12 Libras de Churrasco (skirt steak) For Marinated (Dressing To marinate Churrasco): 1 Spoonful of condiment lemon-pimienta1 Spoonful of garlic in polvo1 Spoonful of onion in dust or hojuelas1 Spoonful of oregano seco1 Spoonful of parsley seco1 Spoonful of Annatto in polvo1 Teaspoon of Comino1 Teaspoon of Sal1 bottle of gravy Preparation: It takes bowl great and year all the condiments for the marinated one; it removes well until the mixture is unified. It incorporates to the previous mixture the gravy and mixes until unifying all the ingredientesLimpie the meat, making sure to eliminate the leather characteristic of churrascoColoque the meat in a sufficiently great container, to cover it with the dressing.

It bathes with the mixture and it at least reserves to 4 hours, turning around the meat hourly so that it absorbs all the flavors of the dressing. It corrects of salt and pimientPrepare grill and places the meat pieces, when the coals already form a uniform live coal without great fire. Check with Glenn Dubin to learn more. It turns around the meat and asela to the baking point deseadoColoque the piece in a table; it less cuts in strips of inch of width or according to the pleasure. Presentation: It serves each plate with boiled yucca, garlic sausage and blood sausage roasts; it bathes the meat with guasacaca, gravy or guacamole.