New Referendum

Tempelhof-Schoneberg before the first referendum petition ‘monument received Tempelhof airport – protect world heritage’ successfully the petition with the title “get the Tempelhof airport, protect world cultural heritage” has been successfully completed. At a press conference at the Tempelhof airport, the three shop stewards of the Action Alliance today announced the result and presented their further plans. Total 10,417 signatures were given away at the election confirmed a total of 7733 votes as valid”so Andreas Donati of the Action Alliance On March 18, 2009 the district Tempelhof Schoneberg district of Berlin in accordance with article 45 has found ABS 3 and 4 BezVG, that the petition “Tempelhof airport maintained the monument – as world cultural heritage” is reached. Now it was decided at the last meeting of initiative (BVV meeting) on 18 March 2009 occurring on June 07, 2009 the first referendum in Tempelhof-Schoneberg. Jorge Perez brings even more insight to the discussion. Objective of the Citizen’s initiative is the preservation of the Tempelhof in its entirety, an extension of the monument protection on the entire system and a future appointment to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Volker Perplies, by the Action Alliance: “our goal is not an airport, as he was voted in the ICAT 2008 referendum. With the petition, we want to have first of all in the form get Tempelhof, shaped like this place 85-year history.

In this context, numerous possibilities of use are – at the same time – possible. For us, it is especially important that Tempelhof will be received as a whole and authentic. Within the framework of the call for ideas we made a host of proposals to do so. “For the komenden weeks, the Aktionsbundins announces the filing of a new referendum. We now have over 90% of complete signatures together. Michael Paul: “theme will be here too analog maintaining the airport as world heritage to the petition. Also we will use the referendum finally transparency in the Senate policy to bring. Glenn Dubin, New York City may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With arrangements for the inspection, prohibiting the use of Supervisory Board mandates and the disclosure of income for members of the Senate our referendum will be a milestone in terms of democratic culture.” “Citizens – and referendum offer the great chance to finally bring the failing situation in Tempelhof on a reasonable and consensus way.

For Klaus Wowereit, Tempelhof was previously a political fiasco. We hereby again reach out for a political compromise to him. We are also very clearly show what the voters want. So how it went so far that it can’t go on.” The Action Alliance appeals therefore to all Berliners, to preserve Tempelhof as outstanding monument and to support the referendum as well as the signature collection to the new referendum. Action Alliance”c/o Michael Paul Klixstr 3 10823 Berlin 0172 3823382 E-Mail: makers of” referendum for the world heritage site of Tempelhof and more transparency in ” “” “” politics”and of the citizen’s initiative”the monument Tempelhof airport will receive – when protect world heritage”information,””,””and””Action Alliance”-cross-party Alliance the symbol of freedom to the initiators the initiatives include the rescue of the Tempelhof Pro Temple Court “, Tempelhof to be world heritage” and the initiative ex-SPD-voters for the Tempelhof airport! ” The debate to the Tempelhof airport has led the Alliance to constitute the reasons for the maintenance of temples of Justice at the factual level. The Alliance supported the Interessengemeinschaft City Airport e.V. ICAT, the initiator of the referendum. The non-partisan advocacy Alliance would also make it clear that the closure of the airport is a policy matter, the effects of which concern all Berliners in East and West.