Holiday Fashion

When we hear or say holiday immediately transported us mentally to a placid place, where everything is perfect, there’s no rush, you eat when you want, there are Beach, pool or mountains, resting several times a day and dress well comfortable. And this you can experience it at any time of the year! To this experience (in a hotel, parador, or House of some friends), when dressing it comes, if we desenfocamos we could complicate life rather than enjoy us throughout the process of preparation. That cherished moment to consider the following: 1. comfort is the key (in clothes, shoes, hair, accessories) 2. He is wearing clothes you can combine each other and pass them in the day to the night 3. Soft fabrics and preferably that don’t require much ironing. It avoids any parts that are battered by the use, it takes clothing that represents your good taste.

4 Prefer light colors (freshness and look better Tan) and combines with bright colors (joy, cheerfulness) 5. Short suits styles to. Empire (short notch under the bust) b. Baby doll c. With skirt line d.

Trapeze (presents the childlike look, hangs from the shoulders and falls into openly on his knees is not recommended for large bust woman) (e). Mini (to mid-thigh) f. Wrap (lightly tied at the waist) g. If you like patterned dresses, choose those that Stylize your silhouette and emphasize properly. 6 Pants for day: shorts or knee / for the night: fisherman style (mid-thigh) or long. 7 Maximizes swimwear (swimsuit): can take it beyond the pool or beach, throughout the day, in combination with a cardigan (up to below the hips or mid-thigh length part), with skirt or pants. 8. If you like include garments, which are minimal: for a trousseau casual daytime selects simple pieces and bright colors, for night takes any piece with a special touch in harmony with what you wear or better still only takes in your dress/blouse a spectacular snap. 9 Feminine detail to consider, when not USAS garments: carries a flower on your head 10. Don’t forget to bring: a. blouses and skirts for multiple combinations b. c. swimsuit sarong portfolio or bulk of d. Beach without heel Sandals e. Hat f. Goggle g. h. sunscreen book or magazine if you can forget the work and the preocupacioneses your time, your space and deserve it. About Brenda Liz Gines Director of world female. mundofemeninopr. com writes articles for the section for Us Latin Gospel Magazine leads the section of beauty female world in radio program at noon with women who are confident with Shirley Lo Presti. Presenter of tv programs on Puerto Rico, including mission provides professional services in public relations, communications and drafting has been: beauty was producer and conductive of the radio program world female more than 13 years of experience as professional model has recorded 15 radio ads and commercial 21 television has done 8 press commercials has participated in 9 television programs1 novel, theatre and 2 movies Blogs related Prisa Adinda Hot Indonesian Guitar Queen Tiara Ayu nomadic magazine circus. New ideas on the Trapeze broken leg brutally Miley Cyrus and Kim Catrall look the same dress at a gala The rules of good dress tasteful world gossip characters in the show look on Pescador carpet Catholic Sensibility Los bugs de Heinz Blog Archive a fly knee in front Crisis? Product, good taste, innovation, professionalism