Decorating With Candles Decor

Decorating your home with candles give a warm feeling. here are some tips and today the candles are part of our decor and are super easy on the eye. We use candles of all colors and sizes, so if you’re a fan of them you can use them differently for a suitable location. 1. Cluster candles of different heights for better visual impact. 2. Place a floral arrangement or natural materials around the chandeliers. Use these materials only in high chandeliers. For added security the base of the menorah must be held high on the materials that are far from the area of the flame.

3. If Votive Candles turn them in containers or cups for best results and safety. The chandeliers and packaging are a wide variety of styles and colors, some more elaborate, they are decorative elements without any additional work. A more elaborate arrangement can be made with multiple votives. Try to arrange them into groups with similar votive or different sizes and designs, give the place a touch of romance. 4.

A large amount of floating candles in a pool can be very attractive in an evening party. First remove all plastic or flammable element in or near the pool. 5. The candles are floating, because the fleet and any candle wax wider than its height float. A fruit stand in that place a glass container will be beautiful to put your floating candles. You can put together with some candles or flower petals floating combine within the same container. Floating candles look best when they are several. If children do not attend the meeting, you can put some floating candles in the bathroom, and impact to their guests. 6. Place groups of the same color candles of various shapes and sizes, can be used for an interesting effect. 7. Add a visual effect very hot in the summer by placing lighted candles in the fireplace. 8. At parties, christenings and weddings use the candles as centerpieces. Thematic Candles do much in his favor. 9. Display your candles in appropriate accessories such as chandeliers, bases, lamps, briseras. If the container is protects your furniture suitable for any damage that may cause the melted wax. 10. To choose your decor Candles with Citronella Candle Bamboo Candle Wax Pottery Spheres Heart More candles.