Mar 16

Artistic Order Inaction

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Art and the assessment of human life according to discretion and arbitrary came the young art student Maya PINKOWSKI circumstances previously not clearly enlightened in the Nuremberg Pegnitz killed A m December 10, 2009. Were not pursued despite concrete, urgent suspicion since unique Indizienketten to disclose a heteronomy resulting in death in the course of […]

Mar 16

Award For Artistic Commitment

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Young photographer from feet for innovation awarded the young Fussener photographer Jan Bochinski, which specifically won the South Bavarian world of photography through his innovative choice of motifs for the coveted “Ace of art” the Agency ACE awarded publicity earlier this year. “The young businessman and dedicated photographer Jan Bochinski ‘ JaneC-B’ was awarded the […]

Jan 12

Interior Features

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In the pursuit of beauty, man is unique – a variety of aesthetic images, the richness of imagination and creative expression has always resonated in the hearts of the audience. And if the book say it – the best gift, it is same can be said about the painting. But the art of giving presents, […]

Feb 11

Empress Elizabeth

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A quarter-century – the reign of Empress Elizabeth – completely made out a new ideology, different from the medieval, a Russian Baroque, lush and festive in the architecture, this new lifestyle of the nobility, with the reform of the Russian language is still spoken exclusively, as the Italian language at the time of Dante and […]

Feb 11

Igor Markin

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Visitors issued two stickers, black and white circles to celebrate the best and worst job. So far, the undisputed leader in the black subgroup was defined: it is a small picture, which shows the male genitalia, peeping out from under family shorts wet. Author and Boris , an internationally renowned photographer from , now living […]

Feb 11

Wonderful World Of Latin

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Latin American culture – is not just music and dancing. This is a complex tangled feelings, emotions, traditions, fun and thirst for life. All this could not be better reflected in the dances and dance styles. Want passion – dancing tango. Want fun – mambo. Want sensuality – rumba. Want to seduce Chevalier – cha-cha-cha. […]

Feb 11

Buy Diamonds Without Fear

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When it come to chooing a gem mot people come to mind many preciou tone. And uually it' the firt group of tone: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Alexandrite. No doubt all of thee tone are lited worthy of attention to themelve and each individually, but mot deirable i: Brilliant. In the old day, when the […]

Feb 11

Giovanni Paolo Magini

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Four, like the violin, were rare. Form Corps violas like violin tools only in general terms, and details from them. But the most important difference was in the sound. His voice is soft viola, as if muffled, and weaker than the violin. He was good for small premises for a narrow circle of listeners. Fiddle […]