Feb 12

New Opel Astra

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The new Opel Astra in showrooms European dealers Opel five-door hatchback came the first new-generation Astra – a direct rival VW Golf. Since June, the car will officially imported to Russia. The new generation Astra radically new design. The old version was a low-key – just for buyers of mass car "Golf class", which is […]

Dec 11

Venture Shield

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You want a professional to protect your car? At our open spaces and there was already quite widely used in our avtoatele Vinyl Vinyl antigraviynaya styling from the company Venture Tape – Venture Shield. Venture Shield – revolutionary way to ensure the protection of your vehicle from damage. The film is designed to protect paint […]

Dec 11

What You Should Know About Car Batteries

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Hundreds of thousands of vehicles from the Russian and foreign manufacturers every day countless furrowed trunk vast expanses of the former Soviet Union. Catch phrase from classical literature, "The car – not a luxury but a way movement "- not quite correct, as to the" iron horse "has always been a reliable means of transportation […]

Oct 11

Filters Diesel Systems Diesel

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The filter housing is usually placed underneath the vehicle, and the filter housing must be resistant to salt corrosion. Filters Diesel Systems Diesel fuel injection pump and is sucked through the swinging fine filter to the pump, high pressure regulator. At the bottom of the fuel pump is the primary filter for the detention of […]

Oct 11

Nevsky Filter

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The plant "Nevsky Filter" – is a leading domestic manufacturer of automotive filters and filter elements for cars and trucks. The company is part of the Industrial Group "Edelweiss" Russia's only industry holding company for the production of filters and filter elements. Beginning in 1997, the plant produces high-quality fuel, oil, air and cabin air […]

Sep 11

Movable Ram Hydraulic Automotive

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Today, major manufacturers of automobiles began to make cars, change tires that need only two times per year: winter to summer and vice versa – it is easy to patch a puncture with special shawl or sealant. 99% motorists in that case just change the wheel. As if there were not, but without the jack […]

Sep 11

Disarming Ford

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The new line consists of three systems – Lockus F1, Lockus F2 and Lockus F3, differing in the way of management and functional richness. Lockus alarm installed on the Ford Focus cars and various configurations can significantly increase possible full-time security equipment. Lockus F1 car alarm is recommended for installation in cars Ford, not equipped […]