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New Opel Astra

The new Opel Astra in showrooms European dealers Opel five-door hatchback came the first new-generation Astra – a direct rival VW Golf. Since June, the car will officially imported to Russia. The new generation Astra radically new design. The old version was a low-key – just for buyers of mass car "Golf class", which is more important than reliability and practicality than design refinements. The latest machine will be different in the flow – through aggressive front end with a massive panel cladding, large air intakes and modern necklines dipped complicated structures – by the way, for the first time in the class "attached" to the steering wheel and illuminated corners. Entirely changed and filling machines – both technical and consumer.

New Astra – the main rival Volkswagen Golf fifth generation. Both machines are simultaneously available in the Frankfurt Motor Show in September last year. In Russelsheim, "Lair Opel, tried anything to keep up with rivals from Wolfsburg. We tried so hard, that in some ways even surpassed. For example, in the amount of luggage – 380 vs. 350 hp.

If we digress from the topic, you will notice that as it may seem strange, but Baggage volume today LADA is not inferior! As in the VW Golf, Opel Astra is introduced at 8 engines. This five petrol units capacity ranging from 1.4 to 2 liters and the capacity from 90 to 200 hp and three diesel engines from 1.7 to 1.9 liters, producing 80, 100 and 150 hp All motors meet environmental standards Euro 4, which come into force in 2006. Transmissions are 4, 5, and 6-speed manual, 4-step "automatic" and a proprietary 5-speed Easytronic. "Asters" Easytronic gearbox equipped with a system of HAS (Hill Start Assist). It makes better get a move on the rise, not fall back giving the car back. By request of HAS can be put on a version with manual gearbox. One of the main options for new items – the system IDS Plus, which manages and optimizes suspension driving performance cars. The machines will be a button with IDS Sport Switch, clicking on which the driver can change the behavior of the vehicle by activating the setting sports chassis and gearbox. The list of usual and additional equipment provided for the Astra, also includes adaptive bi-xenon headlamps, sensors checking tire pressure, heating Quickheat, preventing fogging of windows, automatic climate control with Air recirculation system, leather interior treatment, 6-disc CD-changer system with Twin Audio, resolving front and rear passengers to listen to diverse music at the same time, OnStar navigation system with voice control and other more conventional "convenient." There are 5 versions of all the car (basic, Elegance, Enjoy, Sport and Cosmo). Perhaps only to protect passengers Opel could not invent anything new. Although the arsenal of active and passive safety at the Car impressive, especially compared to previous-generation Astra. Passive safety of the supply strong power structure of the body with energy-absorbing portions, front and side airbags, Inflatable "curtains" that protect the heads of the passengers from side impacts, active front head restraints to protect the neck passenger terminals for standard child seat ISOFIX, injury-pedals and steering column. In case someone in the cabin lost sight of the buckle, provides audible and visual alarms. Active safety is ensured by now standard in today ESP, traction control, ABS, brake in Minsk City turns and the installation of emergency braking. In Europe, prices for new Astra will arise from 15 200. In this case the base Volkswagen Golf 5 more just symbolically – to 20.

Venture Shield

You want a professional to protect your car? At our open spaces and there was already quite widely used in our avtoatele Vinyl Vinyl antigraviynaya styling from the company Venture Tape – Venture Shield. Venture Shield – revolutionary way to ensure the protection of your vehicle from damage. The film is designed to protect paint and svetooptiki from stones and road debris. Dirty crossings, roads create risk of damage to paintwork. Protect your car film VentureShield.

The principle of the protective action of the film consists in the absorption of targeted killings of gravel and the distribution of impact energy over a larger area, thus preventing formation of cleavage. Leading teams Formula 1 racing, FIA GT, NASCAR antigraviyku use. The film has been tested in extreme conditions. Tests on the aggressive abrasive road conditions proved convincingly about the magnificent defensive qualities of the film. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates through the film perfectly. This feature does not appear the difference between the areas covered by the film and permanently located in all weather conditions, the film was originally designed to protect helicopter blades from sand in a dry desert. Today, the product of Venture Tape is used to protect the painted surfaces of different vehicles. And not only that.

Protective film You can even cover the boat. Details on which the protective film is applied, are neither in color nor the glitter of vulnerable structures. Film polished ordinary grinding tool, for work on sanding is not necessary to shoot the film. Accuracy and quality of the film deposition is achieved by using special patterns which are produced on specialized equipment. We put tape on the front of the the bonnet and front wings, front bumper, rear-view mirrors, svetooptika; thresholds, lower doors, upper part of the rear bumper, Any other desired body parts. You want to give give the car a unique, original appearance? Paired with a protective film can be used in kchestve decor film simulates the 3D carbon fiber. When applied to your car styling carbon film is one of the most popular materials, since it perfectly matches the shape pasted surface, if necessary, under the carbon film quickly and easily removed without damaging the paintwork of your car. Which, of course, convenient for car owners – we need only remove the film and the appearance of the car is the same. And while the process of dismantling does not take much time.

What You Should Know About Car Batteries

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles from the Russian and foreign manufacturers every day countless furrowed trunk vast expanses of the former Soviet Union. Catch phrase from classical literature, "The car – not a luxury but a way movement "- not quite correct, as to the" iron horse "has always been a reliable means of transportation for many years, it requires careful maintenance. But it was the daily cleaning, the seasonal change of tires at the right time replacing windshield wipers and inspection stations in THOSE SERVICES. And also at the right time to replace worn parts with new ones. In fact, auto battery only requires a daily check the level of electrolyte.

If the level is low – it shows the over-charging, most likely caused by difektom generator. But if the lack of the electrolyte is observed only in one of the elements – this means that the battery Automobile survive their last few weeks. In warm weather it will still somehow but the first few frosts destroy it. Topping the car battery, it is imperative not to forget the one significant feature. The electrolyte level during charging slightly increases on the need to add something, taking this effect into account. What can make acid, once on body parts or the battery case, each perfectly known. Observant motorists occasionally (once every three months) check the batteries – the voltage at the terminals, as in not running and the engine is running. The same care should be taken so that the system electrical machines was not lost.

Filters Diesel Systems Diesel

The filter housing is usually placed underneath the vehicle, and the filter housing must be resistant to salt corrosion. Filters Diesel Systems Diesel fuel injection pump and is sucked through the swinging fine filter to the pump, high pressure regulator. At the bottom of the fuel pump is the primary filter for the detention of large dirt particles sizes. The filter element is located in a transparent casing, which also performs the function and dehumidified. Since the weight of water is greater than the weight of diesel fuel, then it is going and is visible at the bottom of a transparent body. Water must be disposed of in accordance with the instructions.

Finer filtration inherent 'Duplex' (double) filter, which has two filter elements, one for the detention of large particles, and another – for particles less than 2 microns – a thin filtration. Filter for diesel fuel is usually placed at the highest point in order to hold the air bubbles that prevent supply of diesel fuel into the system. To prevent this, you need to unscrew bolt at the top of the filter and let the air gathered. In some versions of fuel system is the automatic determination of the presence of water in the fuel; in achieving an acceptable level of water in the filter on dashboard warning light starts flashing. To reduce the possibility of condensation of water in the tank, we recommend completely fill the fuel tank at the end of the day or week, and the airspace above the fuel is minimal. The less air in the fuel tank, the less condensation may form. In the winter fuel suppliers offer a 'winter' diesel. A certain amount of fuel added to diesel fuel to reduce the possibility of the formation of paraffins (wax precipitation in the form of flakes).

The crystallization of paraffins at a temperature below-20oS or even higher, with chilly winds 20oS. The design of some filters heated components are installed and a thermostat that allows you to lower the temperature of the formation of paraffins. In the case of the formation of paraffins, it is necessary to replace all filters. Fuel filter element traps particles size from 5 to 10 microns.

Nevsky Filter

The plant "Nevsky Filter" – is a leading domestic manufacturer of automotive filters and filter elements for cars and trucks. The company is part of the Industrial Group "Edelweiss" Russia's only industry holding company for the production of filters and filter elements. Beginning in 1997, the plant produces high-quality fuel, oil, air and cabin air filters to the European dizaynom.V Currently, the "Nevsky Filter" is equipped with the latest technology. The company has a modern high-tech equipment made in Japan, Germany, Italy and Korea. This is one of the most technically military industry enterprises. Filter assembly is carried out on automated production lines with minimal involvement of human resources and compliance with European quality standards. All products are factory specially adapted to Russian conditions of operation. Produced continuously filters are examined in the laboratory, which defines how well the filter material absorbs the contaminants contained in the fuel, oil or air.

The German unit PALAS-2000 allows you to control the quality of the used filter paper. The important fact is the high production company culture. More than 11 000 square meters. workshops covered special polyurethane nepylyaschimisya sexes. The company supplies its products to both primary and secondary automotive market in Russia and CIS countries. Today the plant is an official supplier fuel filter on a conveyor Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ). Successfully tested and started to supply the pipeline Ulyanovsk Motor Works (UMP) of oil filters. The Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) are test fuel and oil filters.

Also in full swing test cabin, fuel and oil filters at the Volga Automobile Plant (VAZ). Production Company "Nevsky Filter" has won multiple times tender for the supply of filters for passenger cars of the Ministry of Defense. The plant "Nevsky Filter" has been certified by QMS requirements of ISO 9001 in 2001. The document certifies that the filters are available, taking into account the regulatory documentation, and the state of production is stable and able to provide the appropriate level of product quality. The presence of such a document suggests that the work of the enterprise is organized accordance with international standards and found to be effective. After receiving the certificate of conformity with international quality standard ISO 9001, using best practices, new technologies and innovative approach to manufacturing products for the automotive industry, the company plans to implement in the future a strict policy of quality control aimed at the full satisfaction of customers.

Movable Ram Hydraulic Automotive

Today, major manufacturers of automobiles began to make cars, change tires that need only two times per year: winter to summer and vice versa – it is easy to patch a puncture with special shawl or sealant. 99% motorists in that case just change the wheel. As if there were not, but without the jack going. when and what will happen to the wheel, unaware of any motorist. So always have a jack and the "spare tire" is a must. But jack jack – are different. And one turns the wheel assembly in the devil's torments, the other can be useful in an unpredictable situation.

take a look at what are the jacks, which one and how to use them properly. On the principle of actuation of the hoisting mechanism, they are divided into mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical jacks – they all mans car coming off the conveyor car factories. Which, in turn, divided into parallelogram lever and or folding. Lever is now almost not produced or sold, and sold a great variety of folding. they are used to service the small vehicles, whose gross weight does not more than two tons. A relatively small load is compensated by the simplicity, small size and reliability.

For larger vehicles used hydraulic jacks. They are much stronger, however, and much more influential. Hydraulic jacks are also divided into two types – and telescopic lever or movable. The role of the first lifting mechanism is hydraulic piston mechanism directly, the other hydraulic cylinder pushes for lifting the lever, which in turn raises the car.

Disarming Ford

The new line consists of three systems – Lockus F1, Lockus F2 and Lockus F3, differing in the way of management and functional richness. Lockus alarm installed on the Ford Focus cars and various configurations can significantly increase possible full-time security equipment. Lockus F1 car alarm is recommended for installation in cars Ford, not equipped with full-time security package. Management system is four-button keyfob with a dynamic coded control signals. Car alarm Lockus F2 is recommended for installation in cars Ford Focus, equipped with the function of remote control central locking system (these machines are equipped with safety package 1, 4, or Number 5). Arming and Disarming is regular remote control car Ford (the system automatically determines when locking and unlocking central locking system, and thus will enable or disable the protection). The most powerful and functionally rich system in the new line is Lockus F3. This system is aimed at car owners the highest requirements for anti-theft equipment.

It is not just car alarm and a burglar and anti-theft complex. In fact, Lockus F3 combines the immobilizer and slave-signaling, and includes the most modern technologies used in the elite anti-theft systems, Black Bug. Lockus F3 is recommended for installation in cars Ford Focus, equipped with remote control function of the central locking. Enabling and disabling alarms are also carried out with the regular remote central locking. High level of protection against theft provides remotely controlled relay HOOK-UP. Number installed in the vehicle anti-theft devices are not restricted. Lockus F3 also provides protection against seizure, and in the critical situation of ownership does not require any action to lock the engine. In addition, Lockus F3 is protected from electronic intrusion of the second generation technology, DID, and the backup L-channel provides confident identification tag, even the presence of noise in the air.

The newest car alarms car full control and provide an electronic lock on the engine. Function provides confirmation disarm, which can insure owner in case of theft or full-time remote key fob Ford signaling (by the owner of the regime can be switched off only after clicking on a secret button and the electronic identification tags, or both). For implementation of additional service functions in the car alarm has two programmable Lockus timer channel that can be included on a pre-programmed events, and with the key fob (or by phone at system is connected Reef GSM). 'Altonika' supplies car alarms to a central warehouse Lockus Ford Motor Company with a programmed set of optimal settings that will suit completely most of the cars. If there need to add or disable any features and modes, the default settings can be quickly changed on the computer. Installation of the required minimum intervention in the wiring of the car, as well as eliminates the need to run additional wires. In the car alarm Lockus use the most modern element base, which has high reliability, operating in extended temperature range and resistant to external influences. Car alarm Lockus fully comply with process standards of Ford.