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How To Organize A Children

Approximates the most important day in the life of your child – his birthday. Literally 10 years ago such a scenario the holiday had been predetermined in advance – a feast, gifts, sometimes funny children's competitions, poetry. Gradually, this manner of events drove the American style – a small buffet of sweets, fancy hats and plenty of balloons. And as it is today usual to children's birthday for the latest fashion? Our questions producer is responsible for organizing events agency 'Everant' Alexander . Tell me at what age the child usually invite an animator for a holiday? Of course every child is different, but it is best to begin with 3hlet – at this age kids are already beginning to be treated with interest and without fear. And up to 3 years of age and be afraid of clowns and Santa Claus, yes pochtivseh characters – not to mention the puppets. In addition, and animators is much easier work with the children, who are already able to communicate)) What other additional services you are for the celebration? If we talk about children's party – we can provide a full range of services organization of the event – from the collection of reviews and ending with fireworks. usually a children's holiday – this selection of cafes / outdoor playground with a children's menu and live entertainment from the fabulous characters, or it may be Excursions – gaming option – it all depends on the age of the children. as the most basic attributes of a holiday – we have a carnival production and balls)) On a budget of hope to parents who have decided to commission an holiday from the pros? The work of invited artists in the middle – 2500-3000r/chas.

Mom Games

The most important activity for every man, whose age not more than 4.3 years – it's the game. That game activity for any child – it is the most significant and taken seriously by the activities that will require participation of all without exception forces and capabilities. However, in contrast to adults, play activities for children, in any form required to provoke pleasure. In turn, for parents it is important that the first moments of life, the child has mastered the maximum number of skills that will be needed in his life. How, then, to combine the desire of the child to a game with the desire of parents to the development of his personality? Naturally, on the through the game.

Invented a wide variety of children's games, which allow a small child to develop a considerable number of important skills and that enough of these numerous children's games necessarily require the direct participation of mothers and fathers. This is normal, since all education involves the participation of those who have already learned and someone who has not yet been able to. The best games for the children's festival may be required personnel directly involved, rather than simply finding the next, and parents. Only in this version of the game really captivate a small child to the end and he will be able to use all of their chances and the previously obtained skills. The bulk of games anyway imply the creation of some wonderful imaginary world to exist in which the child must master certain to start small, the stock of skills. To draw a circle, you need to learn how to properly hold the felt-tip pen, and in addition to know what it's circle and how it differs from a rectangle or a rhombus. And in order to create crafts out of paper and markers are only needed sheets of paper.

And, of course, basic knowledge such as how to properly wrapped a sheet of paper. While absolutely not necessary to impose three-year child difficult origami – pretty basic craft of sheets of paper. The most important thing is not ready to subject himself, and acquired skills. And, of course, fun. Because then those created by their efforts, toys, a small child can play other fun games. For example, tell Mom and Dad story. In addition, when a child can do if only the simplest of crafts, he will make a gift to his mother with his hands. And even if from a position of aesthetic value of a souvenir will be not very valuable, it becomes roads at least for the reason that is made specifically for home moms. And it is necessary to clearly show the child that the surprise created by his own hands the baby to the mother has a huge significance. This activates the subsequent desire to create, create it more meaningful for the child. Has a meaning and a different aspect. When moms and dads play with their own kids, a positive from this can not only get the children. This is moms and dads do really happy. Just try – and you'll see it!

Star Starburst

but you buy tickets and put before the fact: "Today we go to the show!". Or take a favorite of Peter. On the same day. Morning came, the whole day walking in the evening got on a train and go home! No matter where you go (go, swim, crawl, flee), most importantly, you'll be together! Star Starburst, perhaps – too much get them from the sky – it is too troublesome, but just a little gift? Make a paper that you give this star beloved Tania, or whatever you call it a comet, which nightly flies over your windows, the name of Sasha's favorite if you know that there is in this universe is your star, it will keep your love (for greater authenticity of the document must contain all rely printing and painting: the kiss and the phrase 'I love you'), Anna claims that can still be to give the mountain: "Can a person, especially if a loved one, give the mountains. Not named in his honor, and take place One day I was taken. I do not know where to go and why And in the evening we went to the top The sun is slowly sinking Beauty around That I will never forget. Porobuyte give gory.A still as possible to the waterfalls to give ' Would you? Treat yourself well in the end! How long have you meet? Do you have a family? Your relationship is dull and oprostilis? And remember how all began! Sing a favorite serenade under the window, no matter what you do not know how to sing – was asked to sing and play your musician friends, and themselves – conducts! Give a loved one magical evening flowed smoothly in a magical night a magical evening, a magical day and is it worth to stay?