Oct 17

How To Organize A Children

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Approximates the most important day in the life of your child – his birthday. Literally 10 years ago such a scenario the holiday had been predetermined in advance – a feast, gifts, sometimes funny children's competitions, poetry. Gradually, this manner of events drove the American style – a small buffet of sweets, fancy hats and […]

Jun 11

Mom Games

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The most important activity for every man, whose age not more than 4.3 years – it's the game. That game activity for any child – it is the most significant and taken seriously by the activities that will require participation of all without exception forces and capabilities. However, in contrast to adults, play activities for […]

May 11

Star Starburst

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but you buy tickets and put before the fact: "Today we go to the show!". Or take a favorite of Peter. On the same day. Morning came, the whole day walking in the evening got on a train and go home! No matter where you go (go, swim, crawl, flee), most importantly, you'll be together! […]