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Mosaic Cathedral

XII century Kievan Rus to remarkable and memorable, not only raids Polovets and princely strife. At this time the formation and development of church services. Strengthens the role of churches in public life. Develops a set of large and small monasteries grew by number of dioceses, to increase the amount of land in the monastic estates, and also due to the population, which is also required to make payments to the church. In 1108 Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavovichem place Demetrius Monastery, built by his father supposedly – Izyaslav I (Demetrius in Baptism) was founded by St.

Michael Cathedral. Under most conditions Tony Parker would agree. St Michael's Church had a special importance for the people of Kiev, for he was devoted to Archangel Michael – the heavenly patron of Kiev. Four years later the monastery was decorated with stone Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. Cathedral of the Archangel Michael in the Byzantine tradition, as well as in the image and likeness of many other Russian churches were lavishly decorated with mosaics of glazes and colored stones. Above these great masters of Constantinople worked with mosaics, it is determined the Byzantine style mosaics.

'Shimmering painting 'is called Mosaic Michael's Cathedral – they, like mist, enveloped the entire space of the temple to its then fading, then come up with a bang radiance. Extremely delicate and bright mosaics Michael Cathedral is an outstanding work of ancient art. Mosaic of St. Dimitri of Thessalonica was one of the most famous mosaics of the monastery and cathedral. It was located on the southern edge of the North – east pillar altar area.

Domestic Filmmakers

How long have you seen the story, filmed domestic filmmaker? Difficult to answer this question, because in recent tales shoot very little. As for the domestic film industry, here are hard to remember last filmed tale. But our film industry has decided to rectify this situation and took off together with the studio Walt Disney fairy tale called “The Book of Masters”. It offers an unofficial movie site, where you can download the movie book Masters without registration. Adam Sandler has similar goals. “The Book of Masters” – a modern fairy tale that will leave you many unforgettable impressions after viewing. There are known to us from childhood heroes, among whom Baba Yaga, The Mermaid and Kashchei Immortal appear in modern history, recorded in the traditions of Russian fairy tales.

But this does not mean that the story turned boring, what we sometimes seem to be fairy tales, taken in the last century. On the contrary, it has absorbed the best of contemporary cinema: here you can see the spectacular special effects and incredible game actors, and the actual film language, and sparkling humor. This story grabs you from the first minute of her show and does not leave indifferent neither kids, nor adults. In the film “The Book of Masters” was attended by many popular actors: Gosha Kutsenko (Kashchei Immortal), Leonid Kuravlev (gentleman), Leah Akhedzhakova (Baba Yaga), Valentin Gaft (Mirror), Mikhail Efremov (Thirty fourth hero), Irina Apeksimova (Rock Princess), Olga Aroseeva (storyteller), Artur Smolyaninov (Stone warrior). However, the main role in the movie got less-known but talented actors. In the role of Ivan the great Maxim Loktionov proved himself, and the role of Katie expertly handled Maria Andreeva. “The Book of Masters” – is a film that has absorbed the best of contemporary film and adhering to the traditions of Russian fairy tales. About this movie We can confidently say that he had just created for family viewing. It will be interesting to children and their parents, because it intertwined traditions of Russian fairy tales with modern special effects, fantastic story with effervescent humor. On the screens of the country the picture comes out October 29, 2009. However, you can not go to the movies, and download the movie book artists.

Last Egor

Despite the fact that the last album, "Why Dreams "virtually ignored" Nashe Radio "in contrast to the previous two (possibly due to the fact that it has released an independent record label, not the" Mystery of Sound ") for the year of its sale during the life of Letov avoided these albums. Which once again gave rise to speak about the phenomenon of a group that was successful, defying all rules of show business and not deviating from their own. On the 22nd of January 24, Yegor answered the questions the fans. The interview turned out very large, has been published on their official website in two parts. In early February, 8th and 9th numbers, held two concerts, "Civil Defense" in Ufa and Yekaterinburg, respectively. Takes pictures first performance showed the local channels. Concert in Yekaterinburg was recorded entirely. Concerts were very good, the band was still on the rise.

There were no signs of trouble. However, according to drummer Paul Peretolchina after last concert Yegor looked tired, but perked up when the dressing room came the guys from the team warm-up. A few days before his death, called his friend Egor journalist Maxim Semelyaku. According to Maxim Egor was "Happy voice and laughter rested man." They talked about the plans, agreed to do a book dialogue, Yegor asked him to buy an American collection in Moscow Fading Yellow – worried that his snatch. February 24 was to be held Yegor acoustic concert in St. Petersburg, which was scheduled after a big spring tour group, which began in southern Russia. February 19, 2008 in Omsk, about 16:00 local time, Yegor Letov died in his sleep from cardiac heart. According to other reports of cardiac arrest was the cause of acute respiratory failure.

Egor stopped breathing. He was buried on 21th February, Yegor Old East Cemetery in Omsk next to the grave of his mother. Last Egor and his concerto played by Civil Defence in Yekaterinburg on February 9, 2008. It is known that Yegor Letov was preparing to publish a collection of rarities "With the speed of the World", which had planned to include songs of 1993-2007 period. This is primarily alternate versions of known songs recorded during the work on the last album, a cover of BG, "Electric Dog", a demo recording of "What dreams" made without drummer Paul Peretolchina. In addition, in a recent interview talked about Yegor two DVD, which were prepared for release: electric and acoustic concert at "Orange" with the bonus hour concert at Luzhniki.

Hanseatic League

The main place of trade was a German court. Novgorod merchants came here to negotiate deals and pick up the goods. Hanseatic merchants acquired Novgorod goods directly to the Russian manors. Wholesale trade and exchange was. Fabrics on sale delivered, sealed with special seals Salt – bags, honey, wine, herring, non-ferrous metals – the barrels. Even small piece goods are sold in large quantities as gloves, threads, needles – dozens, hundreds and thousands of pieces. Russian goods were procured in bulk: wax – circles, fur – Hundreds of skins.

Strictly adhered to and exchange of trade, ie spot for spot. Trading in credit categorically forbidden under threat of confiscation of goods. To come to Novgorod and live in the yards had right only merchants of the Hanseatic towns. Skra also forbade any trading relationship with the 'neganzeytsami' (especially the Dutch and Flemish – the main competitors of the Hanseatic League). The relationship of Novgorod and ganzeytsev were not easy and are not always friendly. Quarrels, confrontations and restrictions on trade have been quite frequent. Typically, conflicts arose because of failure by a party of trade rules.

For example, in case of violation of one of the merchants trade rules should sue only the guilty person. But judging by the sources, such violations often entailed the arrest of the Novgorod merchants in the Hanseatic cities and the arrest of German merchants in Novgorod. Loot from Novgorod somewhere in the Baltic Sea or in Livonia is also often entailed the arrest of all German merchants in Novgorod.

Sonnets, Lyrics

To date, there are different classifications of genres lyrics. We only list a few. According to the subject of poems allocate such major genres of poetry, as a landscape, an intimate, philosophical. For even more details, read what Tony Parker says on the issue. Landscape lirikalyubovnoy lyrics, and, as a rule, intimate lyrics is "continuation" of love. Philosophical lyrics examines universal questions about life and humanity. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sela Ward on most websites.

There is also another classification, which was widespread until the XIX century, and according to which the lyrics can be divided into: a sonnet, a passage, satire, epigram and epitaph. A closer look at each of these genres of the lyrics. Sonnet – a poetic form of the era Renaissance. Dramatic genre in which its structure and composition together in meaning, as the struggle of opposites. Sonnet, William Shakespeare's favorite genre is the canonical form of a poem consisting of 14 lines. In turn, the sonnet is divided into Italian and English.

The Italian sonnet has two quatrains (stanza associated with representations of the constituent parts of the world: earth, water, air, fire) and two triplets. English as a sonnet has three quatrains and a couplet of one. Thus, the structure and is the main difference between English and Italian sonnets. Excerpt is a piece of work or deliberately unfinished poem of philosophical content. Satire as a genre, is a lyric-epic, designed to make fun of some phenomenon of reality or social vices, in essence it is an evil criticism of public life. Epigram – a short satirical piece. Especially popular was the genre of Pushkin's contemporaries, when a wicked epigram serve as a weapon of vengeance to the author and rival, later epigram Mayakovsky and revived Gaft. Epitaph for a tombstone inscription dedicated to the deceased, often epitaph is written in verse form.

William Shakespeare

This is the main author tried to convey to the proposed transfer: Or he lives, the nature of the ring – bankrupt and impoverished blood, that burning shame – now share the last saves, and many proud, live it good? Oh no, that show what value she had been, until foul these days she kept it. For the author of this note accuracy of the translation is also important because the Russian way readers more clearly shows the stupidity of all readers of this sonnet original. That is, to them highlighted in this sonnet with the general nature of bankruptcy is added and personal bankruptcy as a reader completely unable to understand what is being said in this sonnet, as in many other sonnets, certainly not about some "young friend" by William Shakespeare. Of course, even among readers of the proposed transfer will fall naive people who do not able to understand that the word "nature" William Shakespeare in this sonnet and understood all the people of all ages who can not rise to the level of a man who lived in days long since – well before the present day." The author hopes that in the notes of other Shakespeare's sonnets and his other works, he quite clearly and precisely demonstrated that such a man for Shakespeare was the Homer. Some contend that Vanessa Marcil shows great expertise in this. That is, all people on earth – the bankrupt, since there are still not able to understand and to future generations pass "treasure" which they might possess to preserve nature in Homer's epic. Accordingly, these people are not able to see and understand that restoring lost the connection to time, this treasure to himself added W.

Shakespeare. To avoid overloading this note, we can only note that's repeated instructions to the detriment of Homer verbiage verbiage and communicate with the appropriate state of mind vain talkers William Shakespeare added insight the criteria on which vain talkers can be determined very easily been on to what they never speak or write. However, as the saying goes: "In the house of a hanged man is not talking about the rope." Therefore, it remains only to breathe with A. Pleshcheev: And the phrase we most expensive! We were lulled ONET … When will we realize, oh! – That there is salvation in chatter?


She became put words into lines, the head came snatches of melody, and then the whole song. 'After long days spent in bed – says MALINA,-the first step was incredibly hard, it was a feeling that I was put on the coals, all the muscles have atrophied, very thin – no tears for me it was impossible to watch. Doctors said that, to dance and sing, you forget. But I do not retreat, and in July I was in the supine position again brought to the stadium where were 'race to the bottom'. I was taken by the hand to the scene, placed in front of a microphone, and I'm not moving, trembling from the effort, all singing the same hymn. " She reluctantly said about it, but someone from her close environment spill the beans: it turns out, MALINA before the accident managed to insure.

True, as she collected information and other necessary documents, as humiliating and argued that 'an accident' happened in reality – it's a different story. None However, after about a year and a half ordeal decent amount (MALINA does not want to name the insurance company not to make it extra advertising) has been obtained. By the time her lover moved to Moscow and became quite a prominent figure not only in business but also in the social life of the capital. Who is this man? MALINA refuses to pronounce his name. But they say that since the accident he had never visited her or even called.


Power metal (power-metal) – a type of metal that appeared in the second half of the 80 (the term is a portmanteau. Power chord – 'fifth') At one time the term existed in relation to American teams such as MANOWAR, early METALLICA, TESTAMENT , PANTERA. This trend however, has not been extensive development and eventually died out, but nowadays the term 'power metal' usually refers created HELLOWEEN direction. Power's considered the ancestor of the above HELLOWEEN (Germany), who published in 1987-1988. double album 'Keeper of the Seven Keys', without a doubt become the cornerstone in the development of the genre. Among the veterans should be called as RUNNING WILD, RAGE, GAMMA RAY, SCANNER, CHROMING ROSE, BLIND GUARDIAN, etc. And since the European Power has spread widely and became popular throughout the continent as well as he was unpopular in the United States. Power metal in the form in which it was designed Helloween, can be called a fairly upbeat and life-affirming music (sometimes called this trend 'happy metal' – 'happy metal'), but many teams had more somber, epic sound (BLIND GUARDIAN,). Power metal has become a logical continuation of ideas, classic hard rock (DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP, RAINBOW), glam and hard-n-art (SLADE, SWEET, QUEEN, RUSH) and, of course, the British heavy metal (JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, etc.). Direct precursor of the style in the mid-'80s became speed metal, which at the beginning of his career, experimented Power's founders – the German HELLOWEEN, RAGE, and later their followers BLIND GUARDIAN.

How To Spend Your Leisure Time

Reflecting on life, start thinking about what we have leisure time, we have the right to relax, have a right (albeit briefly) IS NOT the full sense of the word … Great said: "the essence of man is manifested in the fact that he does when he has nothing to do. " So what is our essence? Music Cafe, on the subjective opinion of the author, were and remain classics of the genre. It is the custom, whose adherents are very well aware the price "magic moments of being. " From the good traditions will not be provided to anyone, and it is – essentially – is fine. But apart from that we have? Restaurants, bars, restaurants, the main idea of which – the so-called gourmet relaxation.

Namely, creating a comfortable atmosphere with the help of alcohol, food, exotic environment. Established that the "spice of life" is determined by the desire to know NEW – the language of marketing, increased consumer interest. The theater, for many centuries, is an addiction only art lovers. It is a narrow stratum of people with a keen sense of taste – the intelligentsia, unfortunately, is rapidly dying. This category include various recitals, art and photo exhibitions. Movies, by contrast, has acquired the character of mass, and it was truly a way to youth hanging out, perhaps, to the extent of more (compared with the theater), close to the real life. Movie – is the story of individual lives over time, with unique character and destiny.

Theatre – a living book – a book that brought to life. Dance clubs and various parties, depending on the price range and quality performance, covering a fairly wide audience and represent a symbiosis of the rest of the soul of the body. Billiards and bowling, have received recent widespread popularity, appear rather as a valuable addition to the general principle "Clubbing", although this type of holiday there are true gourmets. Remained unnamed "exclusive" means of relaxation, such as a different extreme: from cycling to hiking (cheaper), and the hunt until the sauna and massage (expensive). What kind of recreation for leisure you choose – depending, of course, on personal taste and budget. But the choice is wide and huge, so do not deny yourself the main thing – to relax fun!

Intelligence Boss

Two digger dug a hole in the sun. Suddenly one of them stopped and said: – Hey, Bob, I think that's why we dig this hole in the sun, and the boss standing in the shade of a tree and do nothing? – I do not know, Michael, – replied the second. – But now I he asked. He got out of the pit and walked up to the boss. – Look here, boss. We have a question to Michael: Why we dig a hole in the sun, and you stand in the shade of a tree and do nothing? – Because the intelligence – said the boss. – What do you mean 'Intelligence'? – Bob did not understand. – Let me tell you – the boss put his hand on a tree. – Hit me with his fist on the arm with full force. Bob swung from the heart, but at the last second boss pulled his hand away, and hit in the tree. – This is the 'intelligence' – said on the arm with full force …