Dec 17

Domestic Filmmakers

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How long have you seen the story, filmed domestic filmmaker? Difficult to answer this question, because in recent tales shoot very little. As for the domestic film industry, here are hard to remember last filmed tale. But our film industry has decided to rectify this situation and took off together with the studio Walt Disney […]

Oct 17

Last Egor

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Despite the fact that the last album, "Why Dreams "virtually ignored" Nashe Radio "in contrast to the previous two (possibly due to the fact that it has released an independent record label, not the" Mystery of Sound ") for the year of its sale during the life of Letov avoided these albums. Which once again […]

Sep 17

Hanseatic League

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The main place of trade was a German court. Novgorod merchants came here to negotiate deals and pick up the goods. Hanseatic merchants acquired Novgorod goods directly to the Russian manors. Wholesale trade and exchange was. Fabrics on sale delivered, sealed with special seals Salt – bags, honey, wine, herring, non-ferrous metals – the barrels. […]

Aug 17

Sonnets, Lyrics

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To date, there are different classifications of genres lyrics. We only list a few. According to the subject of poems allocate such major genres of poetry, as a landscape, an intimate, philosophical. For even more details, read what Tony Parker says on the issue. Landscape lirikalyubovnoy lyrics, and, as a rule, intimate lyrics is "continuation" […]

Apr 17

William Shakespeare

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This is the main author tried to convey to the proposed transfer: Or he lives, the nature of the ring – bankrupt and impoverished blood, that burning shame – now share the last saves, and many proud, live it good? Oh no, that show what value she had been, until foul these days she kept […]

May 16


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She became put words into lines, the head came snatches of melody, and then the whole song. 'After long days spent in bed – says MALINA,-the first step was incredibly hard, it was a feeling that I was put on the coals, all the muscles have atrophied, very thin – no tears for me it […]

Apr 16


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Power metal (power-metal) – a type of metal that appeared in the second half of the 80 (the term is a portmanteau. Power chord – 'fifth') At one time the term existed in relation to American teams such as MANOWAR, early METALLICA, TESTAMENT , PANTERA. This trend however, has not been extensive development and eventually […]

Dec 14

How To Spend Your Leisure Time

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Reflecting on life, start thinking about what we have leisure time, we have the right to relax, have a right (albeit briefly) IS NOT the full sense of the word … Great said: "the essence of man is manifested in the fact that he does when he has nothing to do. " So what is […]

Dec 14

Intelligence Boss

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Two digger dug a hole in the sun. Suddenly one of them stopped and said: – Hey, Bob, I think that's why we dig this hole in the sun, and the boss standing in the shade of a tree and do nothing? – I do not know, Michael, – replied the second. – But now […]

Oct 13

Anna Pavlovna

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Bad people everywhere a lot, but good will not soon be found. And honor – in a village in the capital – the same honor. How not to see the St. Petersburg living, and seem to you, die hard here, that you're the first in the world and to all that, my dear! You're educated […]

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