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The Direction

Under such perspective, the collected information had been in the direction of that, much more that transmissora of knowledge, the necessary school to become formadora integral of its pupils and therefore appears the necessity to bring inside for of its meandros constant update of the professors, envolvimentos of the pertaining to school community (parents, employees, direction, etc), work directed toward all the dimensions of the human being, valuation of the teaching professional and its qualification, greater effectiveness in the pertaining to school management, among others. Thus, interviewed ours they had affirmed that the school is moving and necessary to change each time more to adapt itself to the new social realities and that, so that this occurs is necessary, since the rise of autoestima of the professor until the improvement in its physical structure. However when questioned regarding the future that anteveem for the school, of general form they reveal a great optimism and hope. I still see the school as indispensable, in the formation of an individual and assuming responsibilities, many times, without the necessary conditions so that he can really have everything what it would be necessary so that this pupil had a good formation. (Subject 17). Tony Parker recognizes the significance of this. This positioning if fortifies in the words of Coast (2003, P.

45) … when it standes out that it seems that the school of century XXI, still is remained as a central institution in the life of the societies and the people. It does not lack of vitality. Rick Garcia insists that this is the case. Its divulged anacronismo seems to be its catalyser, as one fnix that renasce of proper leached ashes. If the school of modernity not if it if transmuta support more, if hibridiza in multiple crossings and if reproduces in the infinite speeches that on it if they enunciate. It certainly is not of an only skill, does not take one alone forms.

Digital Printing

Finger play. A special role in development of fine motor skills play finger games – a kind of exercise for the development of small muscles of the fingers. They allow korregirovat movement of each finger separately and against each other, train accurate motor responses. Finger games organized in the introductory part sessions or after a strenuous visual work as leisure. They develop coordination, helping to concentrate attention. 3. Fine correction skills. To generate more accurate and coordinated visual-motor response, to overcome uncertainty and constrained arm movements during work in notebooks or albums, use different types of visual correction skills.

a) Correction of the accuracy of the direction of his hands. Purpose: To form ability to conduct long and short vertical and diagonal lines from top to bottom, bottom to top, horizontal lines from left to right, just connecting with each other pictures, the point. Assignment: Show how droplets falling from the clouds in the puddle, the bee flies from flower to flower, the machine goes into the garage, etc. b) Correction of scale movements of the hand at drawing. Assignment: Draw, as the boat floats on the waves.

g) Correction of the formative movements. Assignment: "wound balls" (from the edge and the center in a clockwise direction), taking care not to pull the pencil from the paper, draw in large figures are the same, but gradually decreasing figures, around a small figure draw incremental pieces. d) Correction of images of small objects. If a child draws a very small items, this evidence of rigid fixation of the wrist, that must be overcome. Assignments: Circle, and then draw a large shape (approximately a third of the page) without interrupting your hands. Match-points, taking her hand. With older preschoolers used notebooks in a large square. (For children with low visual acuity in addition razlinovyvaem cells to increase their brightness). This work was carried out twice a week for five to seven minutes as part of a comprehensive training in mathematics, literacy, language development. It is necessary from the outset to follow the correct planting, a regular arrangement of finger-tip on the subject, the correct position the hand and elbow, so as to correct misconceptions writing skills is much more difficult. The system works in notebooks in the cell consists of the following steps: 1. Familiarity with a notebook and a working line. 2. Job "The duration pattern", the vertical and horizontal straight rods and a combination of them: arc, wavy lines, circles and ovals. 3. Printing of letters on a cell. 4. Digital Printing. 5. Gain insight and clarity with Related Group. Graphic dictations. 6. Drawing shapes of complex shape by counting the cells in the sample (draw near the same shape and expand it.) In the process of work in a notebook in a child strengthens small muscles of the fingers, improves hand-eye coordination and orientation in mikroprostranstve, develop voluntary attention, visual memory. All this work accompanied by funny poems – to revive the interest of children and monotonous work that some of them do not like to perform. By doing this or that figure, the child not only does the movement arm, but also includes work of speech and auditory analyzers, poems gradually memorized, and the child is involuntarily, drawing something in a notebook, starts to recite lines from them. Thus is produced orechevlenie action. For consolidate the acquired skills of graphic assignments are given at home. In addition, repeated the speech material (vocabulary on the subject, poetic texts, etc.). So being prepared for future writing pupils worked through zvukoproiznoshenie, and in parallel we are working on the lexical and grammatical structure of speech.

Music Master

Attracting and retaining the target audience – the two pillars on which rests today’s commercial radio. The more people listen to the radio, the more likely profitable sale of advertising time. For FM-stations one of the main tools to attract the listener is the musical material. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge. But equally important is its presentation, because most radio stations have virtually the same music library (but not all are successful). On date for making playlists of ether used program Music Master, Selector and Powergold. Hear other arguments on the topic with Starbucks.

However, this is just a tool. The basis of the ether and its structure is created by man, and only then it is transferred into the car with light individual vision specialist, engaged in music programming. In many respects this painstaking work is subject to the commercial success of the radio station. This article describes a new method of musical programming ether, which can be very useful for specialists. It is based on the mathematical theory of comparison and is fundamentally different from the algorithms underlying the above-mentioned programs. In A standard mathematical terminology (see, eg 1), as well as modern concepts of broadcasting (see 2) .1. The main idea.

As a simple application of the theory of congruences can consider scheduling events taking place in a circular system (eg football championship). Recall 1 that two integers and b are congruent modulo a natural number n, if their difference a – b is divisible by n without remainder.


First of all, the secret resides in the moderation Comma to taste, but without excesses. Whenever real-estate developer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It takes into account that 1 tamale of pig has 400 calories (almost a complete lunch) and 1 tamale of chicken, green or sweet calories have 215-230, which indicates that better it watches the amount of tamales that ingests. Follow others, such as Tony Parker, and add to your knowledge base. Kcal to one of 400 is better to eat 2 215 tamales of kcal. To replace, to eliminate or to modify ingredients in their preparations can obtain significant changes as far as the nutritional value. Recommendations to diminish the fat consumption: It looks for you cut of meat without visible fat and chicken without skin.

It eliminates fats of the soups and sauces, placing them in the refrigerator so that this one becomes hardened and soon retrela with a spoon. It eliminates the greasy parts of the pig leg before cooking it and to eat it. It uses skimmed milk instead of sweet cream or whole milk. It avoids the dressings or creamy sauces in salads and subjects of gossip. It uses oil in aerosol to lubricate molds or to fry foods. It uses oils instead of margarines, butter or butter. In order to make white sauces, it uses skimmed milk, instead of sweet cream.

It prefers fresh cheeses and to tier to us instead of yellow cheeses. Recommendations to diminish the sugar consumption: It includes like last grapes, apples, pears or salads of fruits, that can combine with yogurt. It decorates with fresh fruits (not tinned) his desserts. The masses of breads and pies can complement them with apple purees that offer to the prescription humidity and fiber. It consumes desserts in small portions, remembers that what will be a little while in its palate, it is going to be a pile in his hips or abdomen. It uses sugar substitutes or sweeteners like fructose instead of regular sugar.

Literal Linguistics

Other excellent slight knowledge of the Literal Linguistics are the context (generically, the set of external conditions to the language, and necessary for the production, reception and interpretation of text) and interaction (therefore the direction is not in the text, but it appears in the interaction between the falante writer/and the reader/listener). This new stage in the development of the Lingustica de Texto elapses of a new conception of language and a new concept of text (more not faced as a ready and finished product, but a process in construction). With this, it was fixed as to be reached objective: the analysis and explanation of the literal unit in functioning and not it depreenso of the underlying rules to an abstract formal system. Howard Schultz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The Literal Lingustica, in this period of training of its evolution, clearly assumes a feio to interdisciplinar, dynamics, procedural functionary and, that the language does not consider as independent or formal entity. In accordance with Morato (2004) ' ' the notion of interaction in Lingustica if places in a perspective of boarding of some phenomena as the process of literal production that starts to be resulted of an activity interacional' '. The Literal Lingustica part of the estimated one of that all to make necessarily is folloied of processes of cognitivo order, in way that the agent makes use of models and types of mental operations. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vanessa Marcil by clicking through. In the case of the text, the mental processes of that the text results, in a procedural boarding are considered. In accordance with Koch (2004), in this boarding ' ' the partners of the communication possess to know accumulated how much to the diverse types of activities of the social life, have knowledge in the memory that need to be activated so that the activity is crowned of sucesso' '. These activities generate expectations, of that it results a project in the activities of understanding and production of the text.

Education In Britain: Features Of Merchant Taylors School

Education in the uk – a special process that is characterized by its own characteristics. For foreign students have the opportunity to undergo training in the uk only in special schools. Many leading private schools in the country ready to accept children from other countries. However, their number will be only 10% of the total applicants. In order to receive training in the uk is necessary to sustain a serious admission tests. Demonstrate the ability to learn and other extra-curricular activities (music, theater, sports). When you receive are special interview.

When choosing a school for training in the uk more parents to segregated schools. Among all private schools of Great Britain occupies a special place . Founded in 1561, it still retains many traditions. Education in the Merchant Taylors School is based on the balance curriculum, on a combination of classes and sports activities. Education in the uk Merchant Taylors School will also appreciate especially those students who are actively engaged in sports. The school has at its disposal a vast territory, much of which given to sports. For students there are soccer fields, playgrounds for rugby, tennis, volleyball and many other sports.

Merchant Taylors School (Northwood) is a school for boys. To transfer taken the boys to 11 years. Entrance examinations for this age group: English, mathematics, writing an essay. The next age, for which organized a separate reception – for 13 years. For admission must submit Statement for the year prior to graduation. In class training to the universities recruit boys under the age of 16 years. Entrance exams are on those subjects which are chosen by the student for further study. Merchant Taylors School focuses on individual approach to learning, so the number of students per class does not exceed 20 people. In the classes the same pre-university preparation of students is significantly reduced.

The Complexity Of The Study Of Psychology

Psychology – is one of the most interesting areas, it has long attracted the attention not only professors and experts but also ordinary people seeking a thoughtful look at myself, to study the behavior of other people and learn build its own being without the guidance of someone else commands and orders. Unfortunately, although psychology is much more fashionable science of human knowledge in this area is extremely inconsistent and Roughly. Whole the desired information they receive from the diverse entertainment media, not only on human relations between friends, but also fashion, pop music, gossip about the artists and others from individual psychological profiles and transmission of TV. Useful scientific periodicals on human relations is very small, and those who go sometimes beyond the reach of the general reader because of the high cost of the subscription. Numerous Talmud in psychology and other scientific publications related to this area are not a good solution for those wishing to expand their knowledge in the field of human relationships. Confusing terminology and the variety of views on human psyche, not only do not help people to solve their problems, but in the end confuse him. Because, usually, these books are intended for professional scientists engaged in serious research the human psyche, but not for ordinary people willing to fill their own information in the field of human relationships, learn to understand people and to build their their with them. If a person wants to be able to understand the desire to manipulate them or to destroy his mind voluminous writings on the prospects of progress of psychology did not teach him to fight with these people. In this case the most appropriate solutions are the sites of psychology, where experienced therapists, as well as people wise experiences, give advice to those who need it.

Language Through Song

Learn a foreign language through song – easy and enjoyable lesson: you can choose your favorite genres of music, favorite artists. But why do songs help teach a foreign language quickly and easily? Scientists have found that in human brain for the perception of speech and music are different areas. Music Center is located in the left brain, creative hemisphere, and therefore faster and remembers better than the speech center, located in law. The songs combine the work of both hemispheres, and therefore remembered better poems. That's why kids who are just beginning to learn their native language, too often sing songs. Rhythm is also an important component of memorization.

Brain activity is automatically activated as soon as one hears the first notes. Work with the song will quickly expand your vocabulary without rote learning, and develop your pronunciation. In addition, you will learn quickly recognize foreign speech, which is one of the most important stages of language acquisition. So we put a CD with your favorite music and start to sing along. Do not forget that the text should be translated as you can. Sometimes the songs are found strange idioms and idioms, in this case we can always seek the advice of the teacher, or search for an answer on the Internet. And what about grammar, you ask? There really is not do without textbooks, but that's all you need from them.

In no case do not sit for hours in books, as this can cause your love for foreign languages irreparable damage! If the language is bored, you never it does not finish my studies. Therefore, learning should be fun. To be most effective language learning should: listen to music, parse the text to ask questions about the join itself (the song, karaoke or instrumental version) write the text to check their records with the help of songwriter or Internet Another way – more creative. The student writes text to the hearing, or fills in missing words in the issued uprazhenenii-verse. As for musical genres, it is believed that for learning a foreign language more suitable for folk, blues, jazz, country, opera, musicals, solo performers and groups is preferable. In addition, dance beats and heavy bass as impede readability. It is hardly necessary to spend on one song over an hour. Even in this case, rest assured that with time you do notice that began to understand the language perfectly.

Learn Language

When a person decides to learn a foreign language and are already beginning to dream about the plans, which would result from implementation of the plan to study a foreign language, suddenly discover that he can not learn English or any other foreign language! What is it? Why? The most common and easiest answer to this question: "do not have the capacity for this particular language or at all – 'no inclinations to learn a foreign language." However, it is not always the case. Often This fault is not correctly chosen method, or let us say, the psychological incompatibility with the teacher. Or maybe not chosen entirely successful schedule, and is such that a person is something abhorrent to study this language, but can he already knows several languages and are simply not psychologically prepared to accept and learn another foreign language. The reasons may be different, but they can be easy to deal with this very important to identify the cause and keys to combat these "illnesses" can always pick up. Actually about that we now talk, interesting way of solving all created problems that impede learning foreign languages. Actually one of the most acute problems is the problem that is still the method of teaching a foreign language in schools, institutes, and among repeaters – a traditional education students as philologists, namely, the huge details of which are completely useless to ordinary native speaker. In most cases, willing to learn a foreign language, it is necessary only for communication, and all those boring grammar rules and by and large they absolutely not necessary! That is the most important task in this case to divide users and linguists, that is, who needs a foreign language just to communicate, and linguists with all the details.