Dec 16

SMS Language

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Now the Minister him remains a next step: disassemble this structure and the applied model; which implies the urgent departure of all technicians or specialists who built and reinforced the structure of the failure. There is no other way, all these people should go. By way of illustration, we reproduce below an article that we […]

Sep 16


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Fear, desire to rush or panic are some of moods that all opponents we experience when we are exposing a matter before a court. Many are the hours invested in preparing this test so that in a few minutes we it play everything to a single letter. A rule of thumb when you touch us […]

Sep 16

Constructivist Theory

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A scientific revolution corresponds, to the abandonment of a paradigm and the adoption of another new one, by the consensus of the scientific community in its Kuhn totality (op. cit,). In the Theories of learning, these revolutions would be given by the Conductista Theory, the Cognitive Theory and the Constructivist Theory. Against this background, Schunk […]

Sep 16


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In spite of constituting this point an area difficult to recognize, generally we must mention that the high level of confidence originates future a favorable climate so that freely and in order to correct action, admit the committed errors, especially with sights of sincerar activities and admitting the necessity to change to obtain a better […]

Apr 16

Pro Evolution Soccer

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Undoubtedly the best thing that always made the Pro Evolution Soccer has been its gameplay, and this version does not lag behind. The game responds well to commands that you give, be smooth, comfortable and easy to develop the ideas that we have to face the rival. The controls are simple to use but has […]

Nov 14

Pre Diabetes

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Diabetes diabetes is a disease that occurs when your body can not use sugar (glucose) properly. Rather than the cells use it properly in your body, sugar remains in the bloodstream, increasing the levels of sugar in the blood. The pancreas is a gland mixed and as such has two functions, an endocrine function and […]

Nov 14

Canary Islands

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Gran Canaria is a small continent in miniature. Gran Canaria oferce visitors nearly 60 miles of beaches on 236 miles of coastline, under a gentle sun for most of the year. In Gran Canaria, there are beaches for all tastes, according to the visitor. It is one of tourist attractions for the thousands of annual […]

Dec 13

European Capital Of Culture 2010

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Among the candidates for the European Capital of Culture 2010 there is news: a city that is not quite European, Istanbul, and an entire region rather than industrial capital, the Ruhr. And besides, Pecs Hungary. Surely, no one's Melina Mercuri, in his time as Minister of Culture of Greece back in 1985, was aware of […]