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Fashionable Dresses

There are four main types of figures: unstable trapeze, resistant trapeze, hourglass, rectangle. To determine the type of your figure simply compare the width of your shoulders and hips. unsustainable keystone If your shoulders rather wider hips and waist is not clearly stated, you are the owner of the figure of the "unstable trapeze. You will approach a trapezoidal silhouette dresses, dress "with a noose around his neck, one shoulder dress, dress waisted "Empire." Are perfect dress with a waist at the hips. Thanks to him, the attention shifted from the top of the bottom and the figure is perceived visually harmonious.

You are not recommended for dresses with sleeves, flashlights with wide V-neck, with crew neck. sustainable keystone If your hips wider than shoulders enough, you are the owner of the figure "stable trapezoid. Will suit dress with sleeves, flashlights, with a waist under the breasts, the dress stitched on the bias. Dress with a V-shaped neckline visually enhance and expand the chest shoulders. Not recommended for you to dress with low waistline, with a small tight top and a big, bell-bottom. sand watch If your shoulders and hips the same width as the waist rather pronounced, you – the owner of the figure "hourglass". You form-fitting dress suit or with a belt at the waist with a flared hem and narrowed. Sela Ward helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The main rule for you – a fixed line of the waist.

rectangle If you are the owner of slender figure, and your hips are the same with the shoulders and the waist is not expressed – the type of your figure "rectangle." You fit straight dresses with low line waist in the style of the 20's and trapezoidal silhouette dress in the style of the 60's. As well accentuate your figure to pay by direct silhouette. Choose semifitted silhouette clothing or belt. Do not recommend you dress fitted silhouette. Came the season of dresses – Spring-Summer 2007! In the collections of leading designers dress plays a key role. Dress – a very comfortable feminine attire that will make you irresistible! find your fashionable dress spring / summer 2007 from catalog Boutique-Online!

Ancient Rome In Roman

Clothing of Ancient Rome In this lecture we will discuss the development and improvement of costumes in ancient Rome. If the history of Greek costume started with an unusual medley of Asian, stiff pomp and petty artificiality and ended noble simplicity, breadth and major scenic pattern of folds, the Romans changed clothes in the opposite direction: from the simple, lowly form of an ambitious redundancy and pomposity. From the Etruscans, who loved luxury and magnificence, their neighbors in ancient times, the poor agricultural population of Rome could hardly something to learn from, in any case, in the first century Roman costume evolved independently. This is evidenced by the title Roma togata – Rome, wearing a toga," – which distinguishes it among all the neighboring tribes. Like Greece, the Persian War, the Romans developed their own type of national clothing, which in the ii. bc took shape as a magnificent toga. Male and female costumes have already begun to stand apart early in the history of ancient Rome, when the Romans were the ancient Greek clothing, and men continued to wear Roman togas and cloaks.

This is a marked difference existed until the late Empire, when the spread among both sexes is almost the same type of attire deaf male and female costumes became similar. Feature of Roman costume, in comparison with ancient Greek, is brighter than the discovery of his class differentiation. Aristocratic nature of the republic, the privileged position of Roman citizens in relation to other inhabitants of the vast territory of the Roman state developed bureaucratic apparatus headed by the emperor – all of it created within the free population of ancient Rome, various social groups who have tried to emphasize its isolation and in appearance, and clothing and just as in Greece, it went to, to protect the national dress of alien influence and from propagating luxury.

Silkscreen On T-shirts

If you like sports clothes, then surely your wardrobe full of shirts of different colors and styles. Even if you do not like sports clothes, you just have t-shirt that you wear at home or on a walk. T-shirt – a self-contained unit with no need for accessories. Even monotonous, with no prints and embroidery T-shirt – is remarkable in itself. But you will agree, a product with a picture or an interesting picture looks much brighter more expressive than without them. In addition, t-shirt design is the ability to convey to others their attitude or emphasize their own style. How? Very simple. Remember, what shirts prefer to wear heavy amateurs music – usually a black T-shirt with a gaudy picture of a rock band or a rock musician.

Young girls love t-shirts and tank tops warm colors with butterflies, flowers and cute baby animals. Glamorous ladies choose T-shirts Custom cut, decorated with sequins, beads or paetkami. Sports comrades are likely to put on a T-shirt with the name of a favorite player or logos sports company. Everyone – his own! However, we note that any Image and provocatively defiant, gentle and sweet is usually applied by screen printing. Screenprinting – a recognized leader in printing garments. Screenprinting has another name – screen printing, and has been known since 1907.

It was in this year's process was patented, was named silk screen printing (printing silk sieve). However, even skilled craftsmen East decorated their world-famous ornate patterned fabrics and unique patterns similar way. A dress of Chinese and Japanese nobility have always attracted the admiration of the most experienced and reputable people in the world. You can not say with certainty what the East has become the progenitor of such a popular method today, but did not recognize skill eastern craftsmen, we have no right. Currently, one of the available screen printing, interesting and widely used printing methods. Any self-respecting company that produces sports clothing mass use, by all means decorate their products with serigraphy. And the gurus of high fashion often resorted to using screen printing. And by the way, the press, we see not only on the sports products, but also on the clothing style sasual and elegant evening and products. After screen printing – it's a great opportunity to give a product an individual mind view, and the easiest way is printing on t-shirts using silk screen printing.

Rules Of Good Buying

Shopping – it's something with which people face every day. They can be large or small, expensive or small, useful or useless. And in any case, they should be treated with some share responsibility. Very often, if it is not about the products we buy things for a long time. Also important is the process of making a purchase.

In our time, when the stores you can buy everything, sellers compete with each other. And the subject of this rivalry, we're with you – common buyers sometimes do not realize. In order to "get" the client, vendors come up with various traps that we very easy to get into. So, what do we have to remember, so you do not remember the trip to the store with reproach and regret about aimlessly money spent? Here you some advice. First, before you go to the store, home Make a list of things that you need to buy. Shop directly from this list. Nothing more.

Maybe you do not know what the merchandiser? So, it is the direct responsibility of placing goods in the trade area and its distribution on the shelves so that the buyer not only passed by without buying, but bought what is more profitable for the store. I will cite several well-known examples: the products of the first need: bread, sugar, milk, etc. placed at the end of a trading hall. This increases the likelihood that passes through the showroom, the customer will stop her look at something and buy it; minor Sweets: chewing gum, chocolate and chocolate bars, oriental sweets, etc.