Nov 17

Fashionable Dresses

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There are four main types of figures: unstable trapeze, resistant trapeze, hourglass, rectangle. To determine the type of your figure simply compare the width of your shoulders and hips. unsustainable keystone If your shoulders rather wider hips and waist is not clearly stated, you are the owner of the figure of the "unstable trapeze. You […]

Oct 15

Ancient Rome In Roman

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Clothing of Ancient Rome In this lecture we will discuss the development and improvement of costumes in ancient Rome. If the history of Greek costume started with an unusual medley of Asian, stiff pomp and petty artificiality and ended noble simplicity, breadth and major scenic pattern of folds, the Romans changed clothes in the opposite […]

Dec 14

Silkscreen On T-shirts

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If you like sports clothes, then surely your wardrobe full of shirts of different colors and styles. Even if you do not like sports clothes, you just have t-shirt that you wear at home or on a walk. T-shirt – a self-contained unit with no need for accessories. Even monotonous, with no prints and embroidery […]

Jan 14

Rules Of Good Buying

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Shopping – it's something with which people face every day. They can be large or small, expensive or small, useful or useless. And in any case, they should be treated with some share responsibility. Very often, if it is not about the products we buy things for a long time. Also important is the process […]