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Luiz Blacksmith

The parades of the municipal band, 7 of September, the stops of the cattle tenders, to touch of the bells announcing dawn, the tocadores of pfano, the novenas in the matrix, the corsos of carnivals and picnics in the farms, beyond the strolls and visits of the countrymen who came in the vacations for the parties of year end, they are events that still they happen, but sees that some thing moved. They are not more the same pesonagens, the scene is another one, the subjects are not more the same ones, even so some scenes still have the same objectives are situations with other trams and other outcomes. To read more click here: Sela Ward. The respect desssa cultural and economic question and on the social behavior of the families of Parnamirim, Luiz Blacksmith Son, counts some details and describes some souvenirs of the city. Luiz Blacksmith was born in 1960 in the street of the Parochial House, in Parnamirim, studied in the Euclides School of the Wedge until 8 series and was pupil of the teachers, according to it, most famous of its time in the city: Owner Ismnia de Geraldo Miranda, Modest Elizete of Modest Peter, Vilanir Cabral, Orlane Sampaio and Ozinete Dantas. Son of Luiz Blacksmith Da Silva of the city of Mountain range Cut and of Alzira Blacksmith Milk, of the Farm Moror, Luiz Blacksmith son today is truck driver, but it worked in the Barrage of the Hat, in the river Brgida in Parnamirim and also it folloied the Lencio priest (that the batina left to be married) and Reginaldo priest (priest with more than forty years of devotion) in the celebrations for the interior of the city. Luiz remembers that its grandfather, Sebastio Jovino Milk, lode of Mountain range Cut for Parnamirim because of land conflicts. Its mother, son of Cornlio Jovino Milk, barber, liveed in the bomb, close to the restaurant of Its If and Regina Owner, place where its father had a blacksmith workshop. .

Hanseatic League

The main place of trade was a German court. Novgorod merchants came here to negotiate deals and pick up the goods. Hanseatic merchants acquired Novgorod goods directly to the Russian manors. Wholesale trade and exchange was. Fabrics on sale delivered, sealed with special seals Salt – bags, honey, wine, herring, non-ferrous metals – the barrels. Even small piece goods are sold in large quantities as gloves, threads, needles – dozens, hundreds and thousands of pieces. Russian goods were procured in bulk: wax – circles, fur – Hundreds of skins.

Strictly adhered to and exchange of trade, ie spot for spot. Trading in credit categorically forbidden under threat of confiscation of goods. To come to Novgorod and live in the yards had right only merchants of the Hanseatic towns. Skra also forbade any trading relationship with the 'neganzeytsami' (especially the Dutch and Flemish – the main competitors of the Hanseatic League). The relationship of Novgorod and ganzeytsev were not easy and are not always friendly. Quarrels, confrontations and restrictions on trade have been quite frequent. Typically, conflicts arose because of failure by a party of trade rules.

For example, in case of violation of one of the merchants trade rules should sue only the guilty person. But judging by the sources, such violations often entailed the arrest of the Novgorod merchants in the Hanseatic cities and the arrest of German merchants in Novgorod. Loot from Novgorod somewhere in the Baltic Sea or in Livonia is also often entailed the arrest of all German merchants in Novgorod.

Web Employment

According to an article in 2006 on the real estate portal, idealista.com Spaniards tend to connect us to the internet mainly to search for jobs and housing. In that same year the digital 20minutos.es, published part of a study by Nielsen/NetRatings (company specialized in the measurement and analysis of online audiences), which found that a quarter of Spaniards (26%) with access to the Internet seeking employment through network 4traveljobs.es, bolsa de empleo exclusively dedicated to the Sector of tourism and hospitalitywhich was released to the market in February 2006. Margaret Loesser Robinson gathered all the information. Since then we have not stopped studying the trends of Web surfers looking for work over the internet. In 4traveljobs.es we have noticed that there is a pattern of use among Internet users who seek employment in the sector of tourism and hospitality in Spain. More information is housed here: Pop star. The Spaniards with internet access prefer to look for work during the first two quarters of the year and again from September to November.

Without any surprise, we see that the months more tranquil in the activity of seeking employment in areas of tourism and hospitality are July, August and December. Spaniards prefer to connect us to the internet to look for work during the work week, being Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the most intense in such activity. Saturdays and Sundays the calmer in this aspect. And what times prefer to seek employment on the internet? According to the study by 4traveljobs.es there two peaks of activity highlights during the day, from 11 to 13 and again from 18 to 19 hours. In summary, it seems that Spaniards not sacrifice our leisure and vacation time to look for work online.

Lawn Tourist Destination

The city of Lawn in the Mountain range Gaucho is one of those places that you cannot leave to visit. The city is palco of diverse events during the year, between them the Festival of Cinema and the World-wide Festival of Advertising of Lawn, beyond the diverse attractions and places that if have to visit all during the year. Lawn is known by its diverse tourist points, its gastronomia and its hotels and inns the holy ghosts. Beyond being a very pretty place, the city is very receptive, therefore he is one of the main tourist destinations in the Rio Grande Do Sul. It enters the tourist points of the city, the most looked for the visitors at diverse times of the year are: Mini World; Black lake; Museum of the Chocolate; Knorr park Village of Noel Papa; Palace of the Festivals; Hollywood Dream Cars; Covered street. Lawn really possesss many places to visit itself: museums, parks, streets, zoos.

Attractions completely differentiated, but that they please to that pass for the city. The city is necessary to go a time more than to be able to know all these wonderful places. In the site of the City hall of Lawn, you it can be knowing a little more on each one of these attractions: Now it is simple, it is enough to choose a well aconchegante hotel or put and to go to know the city, therefore valley very the penalty to make this trip and if to enchant with the beauties that Lawn only offers you.