Jan 18

Luiz Blacksmith

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The parades of the municipal band, 7 of September, the stops of the cattle tenders, to touch of the bells announcing dawn, the tocadores of pfano, the novenas in the matrix, the corsos of carnivals and picnics in the farms, beyond the strolls and visits of the countrymen who came in the vacations for the […]

Sep 17

Hanseatic League

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The main place of trade was a German court. Novgorod merchants came here to negotiate deals and pick up the goods. Hanseatic merchants acquired Novgorod goods directly to the Russian manors. Wholesale trade and exchange was. Fabrics on sale delivered, sealed with special seals Salt – bags, honey, wine, herring, non-ferrous metals – the barrels. […]

Dec 16

Web Employment

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According to an article in 2006 on the real estate portal, idealista.com Spaniards tend to connect us to the internet mainly to search for jobs and housing. In that same year the digital 20minutos.es, published part of a study by Nielsen/NetRatings (company specialized in the measurement and analysis of online audiences), which found that a […]

Oct 13

Lawn Tourist Destination

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The city of Lawn in the Mountain range Gaucho is one of those places that you cannot leave to visit. The city is palco of diverse events during the year, between them the Festival of Cinema and the World-wide Festival of Advertising of Lawn, beyond the diverse attractions and places that if have to visit […]

Aug 12

Tips for Women

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Today I am going to give to several tips to you to conquer a woman, or that you know, in a bar, who finish to you presenting/displaying, you will see that these advice to conquer women serve with anyone! It is important that you know that the money, looks, estatus social, or any excuse that […]