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Heartburn During Pregnancy

What is heartburn? Heartburn – a feeling of warmth or burning sensation in the lower retrosternal or epigastric region, due to the throwing of gastric contents into the lower esophagus and irritation of the mucous membrane of the latter. Heartburn – is not an independent disease, but the main symptom of the disease, called reflux esophagitis. For even more details, read what Hedvig Hricak says on the issue. Why Heartburn often occurs during pregnancy? Reflux esophagitis – an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lower division esophagus, which borders with the stomach. As already mentioned, the disease develops as a result of a throw into the esophagus of gastric contents. No precise data on how often reflux esophagitis develops during pregnancy, but we know that complaints of heartburn, placing more than half of pregnant women (80%), and heartburn more often concerned about women in the second half of pregnancy, develops after eating, lasts from several minutes to several hours, repeated several times a day. Let us see why heartburn is so 'loves' pregnant women. The esophagus is separated from the stomach of lower esophageal sphincter – a circular muscle, which plays the role of 'gatekeeper' closing at reducing the opening between the stomach and esophagus.

During pregnancy, increases in blood levels of the hormone progesterone, which relaxes smooth muscle organs, including the lower esophageal sphincter (ie, wound helps prevent gastric contents into the esophagus). In addition, with the growth of the uterus increases intra-abdominal pressure, also contribute to reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus. One should also not forget that pregnancy can contribute to the manifestation of a number of latent diseases of the digestive system, which is a symptom of heartburn.

Total Lead

This woman is a woman has a strange appeal that fascinates and frightens her fans. She is intelligent, courteous, tactful, knows how to show the best in themselves. Princess-touch-me-in my youth dreaming about the strengths and romantic feelings. Looking for a reliable and respectable partner. Values honesty and professionalism, prestige and social status.

She needs support, but while maintaining personal independence. Tends to the legal relations. Break painful for her. Fear of losing love her more hope of finding their ideal. Often underestimates the true intent and quality of the partner is a catalyst for his fears and complexes. It should rely on their intuition and analysis of information about the chosen one. Idealization of personal relationships can lead to the fact that choosing a partner, she commits an unforgivable blunder.

She needs care and understanding, with the wish to dominate both physically and emotionally. It is not a leader by nature, it can play dominant role in the family. She is ambitious, and lives at a pace that it is difficult to tie any serious relationship. Prefers to lead an independent life and to rely only on themselves. If it will take a partner decisions and take initiative, temper control, you will find stable relationships and inner confidence, which always strives for. Number of fate 8 Total If these people enter into early marriage, and their partners need to great exposure, because it was during this time they fully captured the work and are eager to achieve their goals.

Success. The Calling

Not uncommon to hear from adults: "If I had known this when I was in school, then everything would be different." And the parents are struggling to "cram" their knowledge of the child, sometimes entirely without hesitation, and will be useful if these knowledge a new generation. After all, to a child's life was successful, the child must independently find their vocation. Calling – it's amazing abilities that the creator has given each person so that he (man) able to offer something the world. To become a successful child must meet three basic components. This I want – I can – right. What is a wish? This is when a child knows their feelings, desires and thoughts. That the child knew his true self when the parents do not push their weight in children, and they can they (the children) had the thought: "If I had a magic wand, I would put forth, that my desire coincided with the wishes of my parents." What is I? These are the most amazing abilities that can develop and be successful in them. If parents do not interfere with the children, they think that they can all! And all this is doing and learn from their mistakes.

What is necessary? Since man lives in society, then he should understand whether you need it and I WANT the world around him. And if so, the three components of successful cross. Such a man finds his calling in life. When the job is like, every day is a holiday. It was this work, in love, is enthusiastic and gives a lot of energy because it turns out well. "Thomas Edison, ate and slept in his laboratory, he worked 18 hours a day. But it was not for him hard work.

He said: "I in life has not worked a single day. It was solid entertainment! "He was doing what he loved and loved what I did. This work – a calling. Finding his calling is equivalent to finding himself. You love your job, and love helps to master all the necessary skills. Love will lead you to the talents that you can give the world. "

Root Of Love

In addition, returning home at night, and not finding anything edible, it becomes the stove and cooks dinner, and for one and "tormozok" themselves to work tomorrow. Then bathed the baby (Marina allegedly can not keep him, and tired …), playing with him and puts to sleep. Further, free sex for bad behavior, and go to bed himself nose to the wall. On the morning of laying your bags in the washing machine and kisses love and adore my wife and with a sense of accomplishment goes to work. Marina the while not happy with someone for so long and hard to chose the fathers of their children, what can you do if there were no other? ..

It all has openly stated that he was actively looking for her future husband, "Desirable posimpatichney and just richer." In addition, the constant scandals (with the cry: "Here I am so wonderful, and you spoil my whole life!") – Is a way to assert itself and prove once again to all, especially Oleg how lucky he was that it came down to it. But the most entertaining in this story is that both believe that their family is quite happy, and that form of existence – the best. Even without going to such extremes, it becomes it is clear that everyone has his own skeletons in the closet, and, unfortunately, few families can boast of a cloudless life until golden wedding anniversary. So there is a reasonable question: what is best and how to build their relationship with a man initially at the first meetings in the future, throughout the life together? As banal as it sounds, but, first, we must love and respect yourself! And others. This quality can and must nurture and develop. Truth old as the hills, but the fact remains that no one will love and respect a woman, scornfully referring to himself. However, narcissism and narcissism as a constant before a fall will bring.

You should not harbor illusions with respect to a person who does not respect you. And if you're allowed to wipe once on her legs, is sure to be the second and third such case. It is therefore important to understand its significance, self-adjust (bend it in any side involves psychological problems in completely different areas of life) and tune into a positive! Secondly, a marriage only based on love (and it is often confused with a passion or love) between people who do not have No more points of contact (friendship, common interests) is rarely a long and happy. That is to build a serious relationship with someone is when you're putting on each other as a whole. If the initial brain drills thought pritremsya here a bit, and I rebuilt it one way or commercials – nothing will come of it. Adult, formed at the root of man can not be changed. It is an axiom. Similarly, life can not break myself and adjust to other people's interests and habits. (These are radical changes, not compromises and concessions, without which there can be no family to live.) And, thirdly: it should be understood that it is never situations where fault only one person. Always look for a way to two. And to solve problems together. Then it will not come to a divorce after 3 months after the wedding, and your children will be happy with loved and loving parents.

Sofia Rotaru Quot

From inexpensive to decorative masterpieces naborchik with elements of hand-painted gold or silver. Here are reminded of the song Sofia Rotaru "Lavender", and after heroes of the day just the age when they certainly enjoy this famous of singers. Give them a DVD with her concert in any music store will offer you the best collections of songs and videos, just remember: there have to be this romantic song about a mountain lavender. And you can soriginalnichat and buy tickets for the concert of the same Sofia Rotaru, and let the heroes of the occasion to hear all my favorite songs from the live sound. Anyway, people who meet such anniversary, surely rejoice tickets to the theater, the opera or may even movies. AND true, why torture them long preparations and meetings guests, then clean and light, at best, tired. Organize a holiday they can, they have already forgotten what a date and going to the movies, can, home life, work, care of many things in life inadvertently made them forget about romance and what they were carefree 46 years ago. But to choose a gift – it is a puzzle not only for guests, but also of the heroes of the day.

Wedding – a holiday of two or more, even after 46 years, this rule essentially does not change. What to give the beloved man, beloved husband? There will be a gift commensurate with the power of love and, of course, with the level of understanding. You have not lived together a year and well know all of what is missing your beloved one, know about his dreams and desires. Now, maybe it was a time when to buy him a coveted guitar. Order or draw yourself a little lavender flower, write kind words – a dream come true with a pleasant trifle perepletetsya, but this memorable and believe me, so enjoyable! Choose a gift beloved wife for 46 years of happy marriage rather difficult thing.

That's how much gratitude and love in it is necessary to invest and how much is gift was presented? In general, a lot of originality here and will not clear. But worth a try. Since this day symbolizes gentleness and kindness in the marital relationship, it is necessary give the woman something beautiful and symbolic. I suggest you buy "the pearl of desires" with a pendant-flower. This is a great gift, a very original and at the same time quite romantic – simple. White Pearl will give wisdom, cream – good luck, peach – Health, purple – wealth, and pearl lavender – promises happiness in love. Use this manual to present a gift, no woman can resist a man rated the feelings so subtly. Lavender – a symbol of peace and tenderness, like a smile loving each other people who lived in the joy of almost half a century. I do not idealize family life, but I can safely say that love – it is difficult, it great work and, despite his heroism, is a great gift, and nothing but time proves it. Feelings, thoughts and experiences – much accumulates over time of marriage, thinking about the date of 46 years, remember the words of Avicenna, who as well no one else said about lavender: "It sticks to the heart and brain for a broom."


Some comrades, suggesting that the club meetings attended ladies, men's neizbalovannye attention and not very satisfied with their personal lives, happily go to Moscow dating, hoping for a spicy flirtation continued partying. At the disco one of a party flirt man drove up to the pretty lady: – Girl, you can? – You can! But maybe first dance? I sometimes wonder, "What do mean to me," Seeking a life partner? " Is my life may be a satellite? May be more accurate to say that I'm looking for the satellite's life? "We are essentially gregarious animals, and once we are selected in a separate swimming in the ocean of life, then almost immediately puzzling question how to find a soul mate and how to strengthen its own family. Our psychology otnosheniypredopredelyaet family, as we are confident in the future and how we feel happy. Although the seriousness of the dating desires to create a family, we sometimes can not find ideal. Especially fun is going to flirt singles parties, when looking at the satellite club zhizniprihodyat dating and beginning to communicate. Although, I must make allowances, not all used to express the format of dialogue, adopted by the parties dating, when you have 5 minutes to impress and bring not bored. However, it is sometimes quite boring when you catch some vaguely dialogue participants flirting partying singles. – I heard that girls like ears … – What? – Ears, I say, love. – What?? – Go home, frigid! The young man during the next communication flirting parties persuades favorite companion to be his girlfriend.