Nov 17

Irish Terrier

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Dogs of this breed is always fun, energetic, lively and affectionate with the owner. They will entertain you. If you zavedesh Spitz, then know that these dogs are very perceptive. His sudden restless behavior, they warn the owner not only of an uninvited guest, but also about the impending storm. If you want to have […]

Oct 16

Root Of Love

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In addition, returning home at night, and not finding anything edible, it becomes the stove and cooks dinner, and for one and "tormozok" themselves to work tomorrow. Then bathed the baby (Marina allegedly can not keep him, and tired …), playing with him and puts to sleep. Further, free sex for bad behavior, and go […]

Jan 15

Sofia Rotaru Quot

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From inexpensive to decorative masterpieces naborchik with elements of hand-painted gold or silver. Here are reminded of the song Sofia Rotaru "Lavender", and after heroes of the day just the age when they certainly enjoy this famous of singers. Give them a DVD with her concert in any music store will offer you the best […]

Feb 12


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Some comrades, suggesting that the club meetings attended ladies, men's neizbalovannye attention and not very satisfied with their personal lives, happily go to Moscow dating, hoping for a spicy flirtation continued partying. At the disco one of a party flirt man drove up to the pretty lady: – Girl, you can? – You can! But […]